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New Steak ‘n Shake Already Looking Into Transferring To U Of I

It was announced last week that the first Chicago Steak ‘n Shake will open near UIC’s campus on Sept. 20. We talked to Steak n Shake about its feelings about coming to UIC, and honestly, it wasn’t too pleased.

“I don’t know man, the campus culture here isn’t necessarily the best,” the Steak ‘n Shake said. “I’ve been around to a couple of campuses, and this wasn’t really my first option. I kinda just came here because my parents wanted me to.”

The restaurant went on to explain its future plans on UIC’s campus.

“I think I’m going to finish up a semester here, boost my GPA–what we in the burger biz call sharpening our milkshake-making abilities–and look into transferring over to Urbana,” Shake said. “I just want to have the traditional college experience, and UIC is pretty fucking shitty to be completely honest.”

Upon furthest investigation The Black Sheep found that Steak n Shake’s ACT score was nowhere near UIUC’s minimum and, like many UIC students, only came to UIC to have a better chance at getting into Urbana-Champaign’s location.

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