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F*** the Daley Library, Try These Study Spots on Campus Instead

The Daley Library has been making some serious changes as of late: banning noise, un-banning noise. It’s all too much. We’d all like some consistency, so here are some spots around campus that offer just that:


7.) Engineering Building:

If you’re in desperate need to be around geeks, this is the move. This giant building is host to so many little nooks and crannies that you can take over. They provide comfort, warmth, and privacy to cry. If you’re studying for math or science classes, you’ll literally have infinite resources, this building, and its contents, are just oozing nerd.

6.) Rec Center:

Surprising, but you can study while sipping smoothies! The second floor of the Rec has private conference rooms where you set up your stuff, and watch hot people do some sweaty things. Try to focus on that imminent paper though, the smoothies should help pull you away from the thoughts your mind will naturally gravitate towards.


5.) First floor of SCE:

Yes, you read that right. Dunkin’ Donuts is on the second floor of SCE. Walk past the Amazon Store, the giant windows, and right across the elevators, you’ll see a staircase. Head downstairs into the serene zone awaiting you. This is an ideal group project spot, you’ll find none of those annoying people shh-ing you every 3 seconds.


4.) Third floor of SCE:

Walking into SCE, veer right towards the bowling alley. Take the stairs that you’ll inevitably see, all the way to the top. The magical kingdom in front of you is the home of all the student orgs. It is a quiet and calm place with plenty of amenities: a clean bathroom (a real gem on campus), comfy couches and lots of people who are motivated to break through some bureaucratic red tape.  


3.) Grant Hall:

The three glass buildings, the pride and joy of UIC and the best technology we have on campus, conveniently hold conference rooms. Get your claws in them because they have everything you could ever want: a giant TV to help you procrastinate, and a coffee shop to fuel your procrastination.


2.) UH:

Pick a floor. Each one has its own lounge in the middle of all the offices where you’ll find desks or couches, and lots of knowledge surrounding you. Learning will happen through osmosis, that we can guarantee. As a bonus: most departments have yummy snacks for the yummy professors, but don’t let that stop you from grabbing some while you’re there.


1.) The Multitude of Centers:

There are plenty of student centers around campus (like the Asian-American Student Center in Taft Hall) that provide tables, computers, and friendly faces. And before you ask, no, you don’t have to be Asian-American to use the center.

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