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Friend From UIUC Not Necessarily Wrong in Calling UIC ‘Shit’

A UIUC student visiting UIC last weekend wasn’t wrong when he called the Chicago campus “shit.” 

The altercation occurred last Friday when University of Illinois junior Mike Lennon, a friend of UIC student Steven Jeffers, came to visit the UIC campus for the weekend. The comment itself was made the day Lennon was scheduled to head back to his campus.

“I didn’t know what to say,” said Jeffers, a junior at UIC. “He said UIC was shit, and while my heart was telling him to take it back, my brain said, ‘Well, he’s not too far off.’’”

“I went in with an open mind, and after seeing all the campus had to offer, I came to the very reasonable and fact based conclusion that UIC was kind of shit,” Lennon said. 

Jeffers told The Black Sheep that the comment made him angry at first, and even filled him with a newfound sense of pride for his school.

“Then I thought about it for a second, and remembered that I didn’t even know what our sports team was called until very recently,” Jeffers said. “I also didn’t know we had a mascot.”

After deciding that the school spirit argument was a bust, Jeffers then decided that it wasn’t the facilities that mattered, but rather the endearing and genuine nature of its student body.

“But then, again, I remembered the guy who tried jerking off in the library a few months back, so the wonderful student body argument was also out,” Jeffers said. “Things were not looking good.”

After weighing his options, Jeffers decided that the best response to Lennon’s comment was concise and decisive, “yes.”

“He got me, alright?” Jeffers said.“How else am I supposed to respond to that when most of our classrooms don’t even have windows?”


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