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The Black Sheep Investigates: Jane Addams Hull House

The Jane Addams Hull House sits quietly in front of Student Center East on Halsted and Polk where dozens of apathetic students walk by everyday not giving a complete shit about it. Although most UIC students you ask would say they don’t know what the fuck the Hull House is, the building is known as a haunted hotspot in the city. The Black Sheep took matters into our own hands to see what really resides at the Jane Addams Hull House.

Even before you enter the Hull House, there is this overwhelming sensation that you are being watched, although that may just be the homeless guy that has been aimlessly wandering the front of SCE. However, once you enter the Hull House, it’s just straight goosebumps from there. Then, the real spooky shit begins.

The Hull House is notoriously known for the legend of the Devil Baby. Legend has it that a young baby with horns, pointed ears, a tail and hooved feet was housed in the Hull House’s attic. If there’s anything more terrifying than a normal baby, it’s definitely a Devil Baby. Think of all the hell-raising shits that little bastard would take, screaming like a demon straight out of Hell.

While we absolutely didn’t find jack shit on the first floor that would point to paranormal activity, we were completely unprepared for what we were about to encounter on the second floor. Walking up the stairs to the second floor, you can tell right away there is a shift in the environment. The spiritual energy on the second floor was thicker than a cloud of smoke surrounding college students having a JUUL off.

A woman in white is said to haunt the second floor of the Hull House, even on the account of Jane Addams herself. Walking through the rooms, you definitely have the feeling that you’re not alone. Or maybe that pit in the bottom of your stomach is just the repercussions of eating Indian food from Ghareeb Nawaz. Whatever the case may be, walking through the second floor you feel as though someone is walking behind you, watching you from the corridors.

In an attempt to reach out to any spirits, we began to record and ask a series of questions to whatever could be lurking. Asking questions such as “Who are you?” or “What year did you die” had no success, but when we jokingly asked if the ghost wanted to throw hands, we received audio that sounded as though something whispered, “post up.” Damn, this ghost really is from Chicago.

Finishing up the walkthrough of the House, there is no doubt that there is some spooky shit going on in there. Just try not to look too scared heading back downstairs, because if the ghosts aren’t judging you, the front desk workers likely will.

The Hull House is a Chicago historical landmark that has withstood both the Chicago Fire of 1871 and some random-ass university shit being built around it. If it’s not deadlines that are haunting UIC Students, it’s whatever resides in the Hull House.

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