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Stoner Excited to Utilize “Warm Spot’s” Amenities During Fall Weather

Jerry “Roachripper” Jones is a notable campus smoker, often seen hitting blunts and wandering aimlessly around campus, Jones was overcome with joy to finally be able to use UIC’s Warm Spot to its full potential.


“It’s called the Warm Spot for a reason,” Jones said through a haze of smoke. “The vent within the cavern lets out warm air to keep us nice and toasty as we get ripped and toasted. Now that it’s finally getting colder out, we can use it to its fullest.”


Located between the East Campus dorm Atrium and SCE, the Warm Spot is a common spot for campus weed smokers to gather and reminisce over their latest rolling masterpieces.

“It’s a really tight-knit community. We offer lighters to each other and, like, sometimes we let each other rip our bowls and blunts. There’s nothing quite like it on campus.” Jones said. “People say fraternities are a great way to find brotherhood, but those people have never smoked in the Warm Spot.”


Roachripper showcased his latest creation for his opening night smoke in the Warm Spot, “It’s the first night of the year, so I had to make an occasion out of it,” Jones held up a blunt with a magnitude to which we at The Black Sheep have never seen before. “I call it the Triple Tornado Delirium Dutchie. Rolled with OG Kush, Sleepy Boy Chronic, and lightly dusted with a keif from a mix of Blueberry Dank and Snowcone Chong.” 


The blunt resembled an airplane, to which Roachripper justified, “It’ll get ya higher than a 757.”


Cafeteria worker Michael Johnson commented on the situation, “Having a door from the back of the cafeteria right next to that smoke spot was pretty nice. I used to pop out occasionally to take a rip or two from whatever they had out there and be set for the day,” Johnson told The Black Sheep. “I stopped all that. These kids are on another level now. Last time I took one hit from the contraption they had out there and I ended up putting a bunch of black olives in the cereal dispenser. We still served it, though.”


Between coughs Jones informed us that the Triple Tornado Delirium Dutchie was indeed “chucking hard as shit, bro.”


Jones was seen last waiting in line for Panda Express, looking confused and irritated for the lack of service. Jones didn’t realize that the establishment was closed for the day. 



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