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True Life: I Commute to UIC

While its on-campus population is growing, UIC is still home to a large population of commuter students. Traveling from all over the Chicagoland area, these commuters are forced to brave many dangerous obstacles on a daily basis just to make it to their beloved school. In an effort to show the on campus people how the other half lives, The Black Sheep took to one of their writers and asked them to document their daily commute.

After an above average one hour of sleep, I’m fully refreshed and ready to begin my journey to school. Sometimes I like to wake before everyone else in the house so I can sit in my living room quietly and think about how much of a mistake college was.
Dad gave me a lift to the train station. Being a part of his morning commute is really cool because I get to see the sad old man I’m going to eventually turn into. Cowabunga!

I lost my month pass so I had to buy a one-way today. I didn’t have any cash, so I had to sell my future first-born child into indentured servitude. Now that’s what I call a bargain! One of the best parts about seeing the train pull in at the station is that brief moment when everyone simultaneously wishes that it would pull a Super 8 and obliterate the station.

Got lucky today and found a top notch spot on the train, or at least I thought I did until a 400-pound Latvian man sat right next me right after taking the picture. Wasn’t a big deal though, because my all Nickelback playlist got me through the trip pretty quickly. I get off at Ogilvie instead of Union, which is nice because it has the least crack heads per square foot out of all of the transportation centers (and a Taco Bell!). It really is the little things that count.



Because I’m running a little early today, I figured that I would pay a visit to my friends Rabbi Jazz hands and MC Foreclosure in the Presidential Towers parking deck to pick up some Xanax. After that, there’s a little food truck right outside the parking deck I like to hit up right outside the parking deck, because nothing goes better with Xanax than an 8 a.m. food truck breakfast hoagie.

After a few more minutes of walking and reverse catcalling construction workers, I have finally made it to our beloved university. This is the part of my journey where I get an overwhelming urge to run in the opposite direction back home. The only thing that keeps me from not finishing the trip is the fact that I’m paying way too much to go here.

Finally made it to campus, and honestly I’m starting to feel really motivated. I think today is going to be the day I finally take hold of my academic career, and really get invested into my studies. Today is the day I turn a new leaf!

Annnnnnnd I missed my lecture.



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