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UIC Junior Still Getting Lost in BSB

Third year University of Illinois at Chicago student, Kevin Miller, encountered a familiar problem Friday morning on his way to his history discussion section.

“Every damn semester man,” Miller said to The Black Sheep, “I wander this building for hours and end up in some hidden corridor with no windows and no escape.”

The Black Sheep caught up with Miller on the third floor of BSB, where he ended up in the Anthropology offices. “This building makes no fucking sense. My class was started at 10. It’s 11:42 and I still don’t have the slightest clue where I’m going. I’m lost, I’m angry, and I’m hungry.”

After three years of dealing with UIC’s most notorious building, Miller’s faith in himself began to fade. “Am I stupid? Blind? Directionally challenged? On Blackboard the room number says 345. When I follow the signs to the room I find 340-344, I go around the corner and all of a sudden the rooms are at 350. I’m convinced this room does not exist.”

Miller’s tale isn’t news for UIC students, as this happens to everyone who doesn’t know the building’s ins and outs.

“Last year I was looking for my geography lecture and ended up on the roof” senior Kelly Lopez told us, “Why they have doors leading to the roof is beyond me.”

After nearly two hours of searching Miller decided to throw in the towel. “Ya know, when it was 10:50 and the class ended I was just going to try to find it for next week’s section, but now I’m really considering just dropping the class and never enrolling in another one in this godforsaken building.”

Miller was spotted later in the library changing his schedule to escape the maze of BSB’s halls.

“I think I finally got out of that hellhole,” He exclaimed with relief.

Upon closer look the junior was seen tearing up when he realized his lecture section was held twice a week in BSB 145.

“Goddammit,” Miller muttered.


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