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5 UIC-Scented Candles to Bring School Closer to Home

With the heavy student increase in the last couple of years, UIC has decided to start mingling into partnered sponsorship deals. One of the first companies to jump on this impassable business opportunity was Yankee Candle. With their groundbreaking scents and top-notch smell scientists, the candle mogul has decided to release their upcoming line of UIC Scented Candles.  

5.) Panda’s Paradise:
This candle encapsulates the aroma of UIC’s best (and only) Chinese cuisine restaurant in the comfort of your own home. Do you miss the punch in the face that Panda Express gives you every time you waltz by? Don’t. With Panda’s Paradise from Yankee Candle, you’ll never have to long for that smell of below average orange chicken again.

4.) Stevenson Hall Musk:
Ahh, the sweet scents of musk and failure. With destruction of UIC’s worst academic hall rumored in the coming years, there’s no better way to remember all the hot-as-hell discussion sections and all the times that you decided to skip class just before walking in. Made with a special life-like dust formula, this special candle will bring you back to your English 160 class you took freshman year.

3.) Hot Vent Vacation:
There’s nothing quite like walking over heat vents around campus during the harsh months of winter. The warm blast to your face and the brief sensation of warmth in the snow doesn’t have to just be felt in December. Order a Hot Vent Vacation to experience the warmth all over your body year round.

2.) Cloud of Vape in The Quad:
With springtime around the corner, students will soon be occupying The Quad to hang out between classes and be a general nuisance to anyone trying to get to class. The sweet smell of berries from everyone’s vape can be yours. Yankee Candle’s Cloud of Vape in The Quad captures that thick white vape smoke blown in your face by that dude wearing the cargo shorts that’s walking in front of you. Never again feel the need to smell those artificial flavors.

1.) Harrison Street Construction:
Never-ending construction and inhaling the dust of debris is something that UIC students have gotten accustomed to. A walk down Harrison yields two separate building construction projects and a street modification at Harrison and Halsted that’s been going on for upwards of five years now. This scent brings the crude feeling of inhaling dust right to your bedroom. Complete with a catcall playlist, this package provides everything to make it feel like you’re really walking through a construction site.

Own these designer scents today to not only enhance your UIC experience, but also constantly remind you of all the shit that UIC throws at you.


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