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Get To Know UIC With Two Truths and A Lie: Icebreaking The Country’s ‘Most Diverse Campus’

UIC is a campus with over sixty years’ worth of history behind it, and that small history comes with a lot of rumors. Here we take aim at common tropes heard around Chicago’s Circle Campus. You know the game, you’ve played it in class, you’ve groaned when your “college professor” announced it on introduction day. Let’s get down to it: 

“You’ll spend lots of late nights in the library”:  
This is something you hear a lot at orientation. From the looks of the lib on any given day, a lot of students spend a good chunk of their time at UIC with their eyes glued to their computer and their mouths glued to the energy source of their choice. Come finals, this can be seen by the countless red eyes and zombielike walks coming from the west side of campus. Sure, campus is filled with nerds who love the lib, but will YOU become one?

“UIC is a tobacco-free campus”:
This is a slogan that any experienced UIC student is familiar with. It seems almost every semester newer, bigger signs are installed all around campus to avert the student body from smoking cigarettes and looking cool. While these signs serve better as a trophy from a drunken night out, they do get the word out that UIC does not endorse smoking on school grounds. Are these signs actually effective? Are they even enforced?

“UIC was built to serve as shelter during a nuclear attack”:
While it’s true that UIC was built in the 60s (at the height of what looked like impending nuclear war), does it mean that campus can save students and staff from fallout? UIC can’t even save University Hall from falling apart, is it possible to salvage an entire campus?

Which one was the lie?:
Sorry to break it to you, but you’re going to be a nerd. You’re going to be in the library a ton. College is a different ballgame. With assignments due almost every day it’s practically impossible not to spend at least a couple of hours a day in the lib. Even if you don’t have work to do, the library’s 4th floor is one of the most popular places on campus to annoy your friends as they try to cram for their exam.

And the truth hurts, but not more than a nuclear blast. Thankfully you go to UIC and if there ever comes a day where a warhead is headed our way, you stand a chance. It’s true; UIC was built with atomic war in mind. Do your research (and exploring) and you can find that UIC has series of underground tunnels all around campus. While these tunnels are now used for storage, pictures from adventurous students look like something out of a horror movie.

Didn’t get this one? Thought it was the nuclear shelter? You were wrong. UIC loves to boast its tobacco-free campus, but the reality of it is that nobody on campus really cares about your smoking habit. On any given day UIC’s campus is filled with people smoking cigarettes. With a student body filled with geniuses, degenerates, and hipsters one thing rings true for all; smoking is a stress reliever… and it just looks cool. Being in the city, outlawing smoking at UIC looks like an impossible task. Even staff smokes as they make their way around campus during the day. Just sit outside UH for an hour and you might have a cig break with your advisor.

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