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5 Places on UIC’s Campus to Celebrate 4/20

With 4/20 a day away, The Black Sheep felt it was our duty to compile a list of the best places on campus to light the reef and get faded. We sent our staff’s top smoker (he totally smokes so much more than you, bro) on a field report to get stoned and take pictures of all his stops along the way.

5.) Outdoor basement of Addams Hall:

Not many people know you can get down here without getting yelled at, but when there’s a will to toke up, there’s a way. Smoking down here gives you the advantage of no wind and almost 100% coverage from anyone, since everyone is scared to go down there. Your only real worry is the basement troll of Addams Hall coming out to steal your pipe and arrest you.

4.) The Warm Spot (RIP):

Last fall, The Warm Spot outside of SCE got closed down and gated off.  In an attempt to rid campus of the Devil’s lettuce, UIC administration ripped campus’s most popular smoke spot and right of passage from all who stoned there for years. Now, on the eve of 4/20, The Warm Spot sits vacant, lusting for the dank stench of Sour Diesel to revitalize a once beloved community. Smoke one for a fallen haven.

3.) The aisles of The Lib:

If someone can get away with jerking off in between bookshelves of The Lib, anything’s possible. Sure, you might have a crime report written about you if you smoke here, but when your description is “black sweatshirt, black pants, white shoes, and smells like pot,” then you could be just about anyone at UIC. Besides, this might be one of the only times someone actually picks up one of those dusty ass books. The place is a madhouse anyway; why not smoke in there?

2.) Bridge of SEL:

The bridge connecting both sides of science labs is a lesser-known spot, but a real good one nonetheless. The bridge offers a great view of campus to take in while trying to ward of the wind from killing your lighter’s flame. This place has a pretty high sketch factor during the day, as there are people walking across pretty frequently, but it’s 4/20 and everyone knows what that means. If someone snitches, they must be a nerd.

1.) Very top of BSB’s balcony:

Probably the most popular spots around UIC, the top of BSB offers a view, privacy, and some risk to feed that delinquent in you. While toking up on top of BSB, you’re likely to run into a couple other Cheech and Chongs to converse with about the holiday. The plus? There are also two exits, so if you have to run, it’s an easy escape.

While out in the field, our reporter went many places to compile this list. He ended his day in the dorms, away from the cold, but forgot to get a picture because he was too high. However, he did tell us, “It was so much more cozy in there, dudes. I def recommend.”

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