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Illinois (Chicago)

UIC’s State of The University (Brought to You by Pepsi)

UIC’s State of The University took place last night, and UIC’s Chancellor, Michael D. Amiridis, took to the podium in the UIC Forum to discuss the university’s future plans for UIC’s growth. Pepsi signs covered the stage as the chancellor reflected on the university’s progress from 2017. The grey fox took the stage in a grey suit with a red tie and The Black Sheep was there to cover it all.

Amiridis spoke on the university’s rising enrolment, crediting the rise in students to the widespread campus pride that has been seen in the last couple of years. The chancellor spoke about plans to raise school spirit and campus community even more, by installing cameras across UIC to ensure that all students are having fun and interacting on campus.

“To make sure everyone is having a good time we need to watch all of the time. Fun in the Quad, fun in the library, and fun in the cafeteria. We will make sure that everyone is behavi–uh, having fun, thanks to the good folks at Pepsi-Cola,” he said, pointing to the giant Pepsi banner behind him. 

Amiridis spoke on financial aid, specifically how a student graduating in 2022 will be paying the same amount as a student who was a freshman in 2014. Such a claim can only be true through sponsorships and corporate deals, hence the giant Pepsi sign that overtook the UIC logo on the stage.

The chancellor opened up about the university’s plans to continue to grow campus, adding that the university had no problem destroying housing in Little Italy to expand UIC’s empire over the West Loop.

“If expansion is our goal, then buying out historical land will just have to do,” Amiridis said. “Kiss Carm’s goodbye, and tell Al from Al’s Beef that the times were good.” Amiridis said that he would consider building an Al’s Beef on the new campus to pay tribute to the former heritage of the area.

In his closing statements, Amiridis gave thanks to the founding member of the Alumni Association, The Dean of Student Affairs, and of course, Pepsi.

Throughout the speech the Chancellor gave praise to outstanding students and staff, but not once did he mention The Black Sheep. Expected, yes, but a shame nonetheless.


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