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UIC’s Top 10 Drunk Foods

Everyone gets hungry when intoxicated. It’s a fact of life. But, everyone’s go-to drunk food is different. Living just west of the loop offers us a variety of options, so here’s a list of the best places to drunkenly gorge yourself around UIC after the bars have closed.


10.) Taylor Made Pizza (Honorable Mention):

Although out of business since spring 2017 (R.I.P.), Taylor Made deserves an honorable mention for its iconic spot in UIC lore. $5 got you about a quarter of a pizza, which was more than most could finish, and made for an excellent first-food-you-see hungover breakfast the next morning.


9.) Mr. Greek’s Gyros:

One of the first places many UIC students go after a night out, the food is cheap and greasy, fulfilling the only two criteria that matter after a night of drinking. Open until 4a.m., this fast food joint will fill any order, from chicken tenders to late-night gyros. The restaurant’s glaringly bright fluorescent lighting acts as a repellant for the overly-stimulated, making it the best spot to avoid the 4a.m. strung-out-on-something crowd.

8.) Taco Burrito King:

Located across the street from Mr. Greek’s, TBK specializes in…well…tacos and burritos. Despite the lack of variety, TBK pulls in the late-night college crowd with a tantalizing taco aroma. Also open until 4a.m., TBK can get sketchy after midnight, so call your order in on the walk there.


7.) Spectrum Bar & Grill:

The only 4a.m. bar in the area worth mentioning, Spectrum not only offers drinks until 3:30a.m., but a kitchen as well! While the options can be pricey, everything on their menu is delicious. Service is very fast during the week, but on weekends this bar is packed and it will be difficult to find a table.


6.) Maxwell’s:

Legendary in its own right for Polish sausages, Maxwell’s has two locations: one next to JST for the dormers and one on Halsted and 19th for the UICers who live in Pilsen. The only downside to Maxwell’s is that it’s walk-up only with no seating, making it significantly less appealing once winter is in full swing.


5.) Chinese Yum Yum:

Perhaps the most controversial on this list, Chinese Yum Yum has been a divisive late night spot for years. The pros: big portions of Chinese food for the low, with a delivery option. The cons: your digestive system will let you know these.


4.) 7-Eleven:

Quick and easy, 7-Eleven has as much junk food as you can carry back to your dorm. An MRH favorite, 7-Eleven involves no effort and serves as a great “fuck it” option when you’re too intoxicated to care about real food.


3.) Bacci’s:

New on the Taylor Made strip, Bacci’s is quickly becoming a late-night hotspot. For $5 they’ll serve you up a slice of pizza bigger than your torso and, chances are, you’ll run into someone you know there to have a conversation with that you probably won’t remember.


2.) Jim’s Original:

Stop there on any given night and you’re guaranteed to see several hookers and a (probable) drug dealer. Right next to JST, Jim’s offers cheap, greasy food and a free soda with the presentation of a student ID.

1.) Big G’s:

The premier pizza joint, following Taylor Made’s closing, Big G’s has innovative options to keep your pizza palette evolving. The fan favorite is overwhelmingly their mac n’ cheese pizza, a gooey concoction that’s very filling. They also hire a lot of students, so it’s great if you need a job or know an employee who can slip you a free slice.

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