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6 ISU Things This Year’s Freshmen Will Never Know About


As time goes on and more students filter in and out of ISU, things begin to change and businesses come and go. When you’re down the road in your college career, sometimes you stop and think about how different someone younger than you experiences ISU because of the change throughout the years. Here are some things that freshmen will never know about here at the ILSTU:

6.) Bussin’, Bussin’, Bussin’:

Freshmen these days are lucky that they don’t have to rely on the transit system for transportation on their night out. With the rise of student designated drivers, there’s no need to even download the bus app. This reduces the chances of them getting lost, because well, hopefully their DD knows exactly where they’re going. The simple freshman is free of worrying about walking aimlessly through Normal in search of somewhere to drink.

5.) Old School D.P. Dough:

Chances are at least eight people have already told you that you HAVE to try D.P. Dough. These calzones didn’t always reside in the cozy little location that they are at now. Believe it or not, D.P. Dough used to be half the size that it is now. People used to line up out the door to avoid being squished by thousands of other drunks in a tiny space. Freshmen are lucky enough to be able to actually fit inside the restaurant when they get their zone fix.

4.) Zorbas:

This fan favorite has been gone since 2015, but it’s missed every day. R.I.P. Our new freshmen are missing out on one of the best places to soak up all the alcohol from last night, Greek style. Instead, they have to go to Merry Ann’s, just like every other freshman on campus, and hope they can actually get a seat.

3.) ReggieNet sucking dick:

ReggieNet used to be the bane of every Redbird’s existence, but now it works just fine apparently. Whether it would crash in the middle of an assignment, not let you login, delete you from a class, or even block your professor, it made you want to throw up on the daily. Now everything is fine. Cool. Cool. COOL.

2.) Variety of fraternities:

Going out to a frat party before this year was like a kid in a candy shop. There were so many frats that party hopping was the only solution. Unfortunately for ISU, a lot of these frats have been kicked off over the years. Now it’s as if they have to build from the ground up, leaving a lot of us to stuffy apartment parties. You’re too young for the bar, but too old for drinking in your bedroom, so it’s probably best to find a go to house.

1.) Lack of quality wifi:

Just like with ReggieNet, our IT department was slacking. Youths have a quality wireless internet provider, but meanwhile only two years we were hooking our laptops up to ethernet cables. Yes, just like we’re in 1999, exactly. If you wanted to use the wifi, you’d have to wait about 10 minutes for your Facebook page to even load. It would get tiring having to use your laptop in a designated spot in your room, but hey, now we get all nostalgic just thinking about it.

Freshmen might be lucky they won’t have to worry about shitty wifi or tiny restaurants, but they’re missing out on a lot of things that gave ISU character.

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