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7 Places to Leave Your Car at ISU When You Can’t Find a Parking Spot

Any student with a car at ISU knows parking can be a pain in the ass sometimes. Between overstuffed lots and limited time on meters, having a car on campus will make you want to pull your hair out at least five times a day. At some point in the year, you’ll just say screw it and park anywhere, hoping for the best.

7.) Planted in the garden on the Quad:

Pick a nice spot in the garden to plant your car and have it blend in with the orchids. Leave it in a spot where the flowers match the color of your car so no one would suspect that it doesn’t belong there.

6.) Swimming in the fountain by Stevenson:

Get to class on time and receive a free car wash as a bonus! This would be an ideal spot for students with a class in Stevenson because you can leave class, and be just a few steps away from your car. It may also be a good idea to park on top of the fountain and laugh at the tow truck fail trying to get it down.

5.) Laying on the ramp in front of Fell:

The closest spot for classrooms in Fell Hall would be the ramp sitting in the front. Drive up it and leave your car there for a convenient walking distance. You can even go all the way up the ramp and park in front of the doors of Fell for an even closer spot.

4.) On top of another car in the Green Lot:

When you realize your green pass is useless because you still don’t have anywhere to park, don’t get frustrated, just park on top of another car in the lot. It’s kind of like stacked parking, but less stupid than being blocked in behind someone’s car.

3.) Inside the bike racks:

This is a good choice because there are bike racks in front of almost every building. Like, there aren’t any rules saying you can’t park there, right? Take advantage of the lack of direction and just park your car there.

2.) Under a cone by the Alamo:

Park by the construction at the Alamo and put a cone on top on your car so no one touches it. You can be extra cautious by rapping the yellow tape around your car as well. People will definitely think that your car is just apart of the construction site.

1.) On top of the Hill by Watterson:

Drive up the hill and leave your car there so you can make it to your class quickly and enjoy a nice view with the stench of Subway in the air afterwards. The smell will definitely make you get to class faster than usual because you’d want to get as far away as possible from it.

Use these spots to avoid countless circles around University St. It can get tough finding a good parking spot on campus, but these spots are guaranteed to be open.

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