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7 ~Romantic~ Spots to Smooch Around ISU on New Year’s Eve


If your life sucks and you happen to be trapped in Bloomington-Normal for the celebration of the New Year, hopefully you won’t have to miss out on all the fun. We’re here to help you get that sloppy midnight kiss and start off 2017 with someone you probably won’t even spend the whole year with.

7.) Be Photo Number 1,521,463 on the “To Those Who Fell in Love at ISU” Bench:

This bench is popular and potentially overused among ISU couples. This cheesy and annoying bench is just right for any cheesy annoying couple who spends hours planning and overanalyzing the perfect kiss to start off the year. Their night will likely be wasted trying to figure which pose would get the most likes on Instagram, and then freak out when they miss the first second of 2017.

6.) Ice Skate in the Fountain Behind Stevenson Hall:

This fountain sets the scene for an epic couple kiss. Couples can stand in front of this beautiful statue, pretend the water is running, or take advantage of the frozen water by ice skating in it. Maybe even throw a penny in the ice and make a dumb wish for eternal love with each other or whatever it is couples do to be gross.

5.) Behind Windy City Wieners:

Because why even try to be classy about it?

4.) Watching Fireworks from the Top Floor of Watterson Hall:

Anyone who’s been at the top of Watterson knows it is a breathtaking view. Why not take advantage of this for a New Year’s kiss? Head up there all by your lonesome and see what other lonely souls might be lingering around for you to lock lips with. If you really hit it off, you might be lucky enough to watch someone’s lame attempt at a firework show together.

3.) Fighting off a Loner at Drifters:

Downtown Bloomington is probably where the most action can be found on New Year’s Eve. Drifters is a cool spot to enjoy your romantic night if you and your significant other are into cock-blocking drunks and don’t mind getting your feet stepped on every five minutes. Let’s just hope your midnight snapshot doesn’t get photo bombed by some drunk guy trying to join in on the kiss.

2.) Under the Not So Secret Tunnel:

This is an ideal smooching zone because it seems somewhat like a movie, you and your lover under a faintly lit tunnel with fireworks going off in the background. Only this place is so ideal that you’ll probably be surrounded by other kissing couples too. Secret tunnel? More like tunnel of love this NYE.

1.) Sitting in the Smelly Tree on the Quad:

Ahh, the simplest spot on campus to have a ~romantic~ kiss; that one tree that always smells a little weird. You and your significant other can enjoy a view of the snow-covered quad from 10 feet above the ground, on a tree branch with the sweet stench of nature to set the mood. Be careful though. Those quad squirrels won’t be putting up with any of that shit in 2017.

If you and your significant other are some of those unfortunate souls stuck in Normal this weekend try enjoying one of these “traditional” spots for a kiss. They’re all pretty romantic, but we recommend Windy City Wieners.

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