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The 8 Worst ISU Gifts for Under $20 on Amazon


The giving season can definitely take a toll on your pockets, and who doesn’t want to save money when Christmas shopping? You could use your Flex dollars to buy them some ISU swag at school, OR you could look else where to find something different with Reggie’s face on it. Amazon is usually the go to in this area, but here are some ISU gifts you may want to stay away from if you want your friends and family to speak to you again.

8.) Stadium Seat Cushion- $14.50:


This looks like a really nice cutting board…except the description says seat cushion? We guess that’s cool too. You can sit comfortably on this cushion, then when you get hungry just pull it out from under your butt and start dicing that carrot you had in your pocket.

7.) “Illinois State University 2012: Off the Record”- $4.99:


This book by is supposed to give advice on how to get through college, and tips about coming to ISU. However, the picture on the cover is completely misleading. Four students holding books and bags, looking like they couldn’t be happier? It should show them sitting in the library crying, or getting drunk at the Pub.

6.) “My Cat Loves ISU” Sticker- $4.99:


This sticker is not only irrelevant, but also untrue. Do you really think your cat enjoys running around the house, away from your drunk roommates trying to brush its eye lashes? If you’re the type of pet owner that would buy something like this, your cat is probably plotting its escape right now.

5.) Men’s ISU Tie- $11.99:


This tie can be found in the head ass department of Amazon. If you get this present for someone they’ll probably think you hate them and want them to look like an over-spirited dweeb. The only person that could pull this ugly thing off is Dan Muller.

4.) ISU Mailbox Cover- $17.95:


This is just overboard, or overBIRD we should say. You may as well cover your whole house in Redbird gear and let all the neighbors know that you’re an over-hyped school fan. You can walk to the mailbox in your Redbird tie while you’re at it. The mailman would get a good laugh at it though.

3.) ISU License Plate Frame- $.19.99:


Whoever has this license plate clearly isn’t that proud to be a Redbird. This has got to be the smallest ISU sign ever. Those little dots at the top of the plate say Illinois State but they obviously didn’t want anyone to know, and it doesn’t even say “Red” in front of “birds.”

2.) ISU Flip Flops- $19.95:


Well aren’t these just adorable? They look like shoes you can wear to the imaginary beach of Bloomington. Here’s a tip, save $10 by getting these shoes at Old Navy and painting ISU on them.

1.) ISU Women’s Briefs- $8.99:


Another one of those apparels that go over the top. Though Reggie looks pretty happy on those briefs (until she farts).

Times are tough and pockets are thin, especially for college students. If you’re trying to save money this holiday season, you can save even more by doing yourself and your friends a favor with not buying these.

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