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Best Spots Around ISU to Stuff Your Face for $3


One thing students love more than stuffing their face is saving money, so why not do both? Here are the top seven spots around ISU to stuff your face like a complete animal for only $3.

7.) Merry-Ann’s Diner:

Merry-Ann’s has nice hangover food, so you can crash there after downing everyone’s drink at Daddios. Did you spend all your money on alcohol at the bar and are in desperate need of food for an insanely cheap price? No worries! Try the cinnamon roll for $1.25 or a cup of chili or soup for $2.95.

6.) Brewe-Ha’s Pub:

Brew-Ha’s is heaven for broke college students. You can get some not fantastic, but above average food for really cheap prices. The burger basket combo is usually $3.50, which includes a cheese burger, fries, and drink but if you go between 5 and 9 p.m. during the week you can get this combo for $2. (That’s right! All of those things for $2, and no this is not some sick and twisted Black Sheep joke.) Can’t beat that.  

5.) Avanti’s:

This is an Italian restaurant, but you’ll have to stick to mediocre everyday American food due to your budget. You can enjoy chips and apple sauce for a total of $1.59 and even add an ice cream cup for 85 cents. Unfortunately you can’t afford the lasagna, but you can enjoy the meat sauce for 60 cents. Feel like splurging? Get a french onion soup for $2.95. 

4.) Windy City Wieners:

You may be too broke to enjoy the luxury of a bacon cheese burger or Italian beef sandwich, but you can still dive into buttery garlic fries for $2.79 or a grilled cheese for $2.49. The hot dog or corn dog just make the cut at $2.99. If tax puts you over $3 just go to tables begging drunk people for change and you’ll probably even scrape enough for a whole meal. 

3.) Tony’s Tacos:

Tacos are always the solution to pretty much any problem. Tony’s also happens to be the solution to broke students that love tacos. Each taco, steak, beef, or chicken cost $1.85. You can also get a hot dog (bacon, American, or Chicago style) for $2.49 each. A chimichanga, churro, or chips for $1.50. If you’re a broke student who happens to love cheap Mexican food, this place is your paradise. 

2.) Subway in Watty:

Subway has lots of things at an affordable price, yet somehow you still walk out spending $12. There are so many cheap items on the menu, that you walk in and buy them all then wonder where all your Flex went. Get three cookies for $1.59 along with chips for $1.19 and you’re at a solid $2.78. Stop there!

1.) Noodles & Co. on Main:

If you’re trying to save money, your best bet is to stay away from these overly priced ramen noodles. However, if you find yourself standing in here starving with only $3 in your pocket, you can always go for a cookie that cost $1.50 or a tossed salad for $2.29.

Despite popular belief, $3 can actually get you something besides a pack of gum. Just look past the main menu items that cost around $8-$10 and fix your eyes on the cheese fries or the dollar menu the restaurant hid in its fine print. 


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