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A Much More Accurate Version of ISU’s Fight Song


Fall is here, a.k.a. the time of year where ISU students pretend to care about football, so they can go get drunk and throw up on every corner after (or before) the game. Tailgate season is accompanied by ISU’s fight song, which is a great representation of the school spirit we definitely don’t have. A more honest version of the tune would sound a little more like this. Click here if you want to follow along to the tune:

Go you Redbirds onto the Pub,

The football team’s pretty lame

Down the Jell-O shot,

Chase liquor with beer,

Tailgate and miss the game,

So hurry up and lose so we can get booze;

Everybody shout it!

We’ve got the beer,

we’ve got the bottle,

we’ll drink if you win or lose!

Just tell it for what it really is. ISU likes partying, we don’t really care about sports, we just want reasons to bar crawl. So next time you and friends are drunk at Hancock Stadium, sing this version of the fight song rather than that ancient song that no one knows anyway.

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