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We Tried Eatting Healthy at Watterson for an Entire Day and Whoa, It Worked!


There are many things we just accept as fact here at ISU. It’s impossible to get into Pub II on a Wednesday, and it’s impossible to eat a nutritious meal at the dining hall. Against all odds, we managed to eat healthy food at Watterson Dining Hall for an entire day. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, or are terrified of gaining the dreaded freshman 15, we’ve got you covered, so listen up.

A hearty bowl of cereal:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but why consume more calories than you absolutely need to? For this meal, we opted for a hearty bowl of some cereal—without the milk! If you think about it, adding milk to a perfectly good bowl of cereal is just adding in extra calories that you don’t even need! It may not taste great, but it sure is practical.

Calorie Count: 120 (Insert Picture Here)

A heart-healthy veggie burger:

By the time lunch rolls around, we’re all half starving and fully brain dead from an exhausting day of pretending that the guy sitting next to you in Schroeder 138 doesn’t smell like 100 butts. We needed an array of healthy options to keep us all from clinical depression. And what’s even healthier than a veggie burger, you ask? A burger made of pure veggies!

A cute side salad!:

But let’s face it, we like to have options. Just like texting two guys at once, we like to eat a meal that can offer us great emotional support, but also a healthy booty call from time to time. If you’re in the mood for some variety, pair your “veggie” burger with a side salad.

Veggie chips:

And if you think you’ll need a snack for your afternoon classes, don’t worry, Watty has you covered. Just grab some cucumbers from the salad bar and take them to go! They provide all of the crunch of potato chips with none of the satisfaction!

Pasta! But for healthy people!:

After doodling pictures of pizza in our notebooks and being unreasonably “hangry” to anyone who dared get in our way all afternoon, we finally made it to dinner. By this point, we needed something a little more filling, so we decided to splurge and head to the pasta bar. But because we were dedicated to our cause of providing useful knowledge to all the students of ISU, we succeeded in cutting the calorie count of the pasta in half—by simply halving the ingredients. That’s right, by eating pasta without the sauce, you’re saving your broke little body around 100 calories.

That savory cheat meal:

Now, if you’re anything like us, this diet proved . . . challenging. But don’t worry: it wouldn’t be college if there wasn’t a way to cheat at whatever you’re doing. If, like us, you’re finding yourself still hungry after a day of tasteless, dry Watty food, try some leftovers! Those non-dieting students are so wasteful—but one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. All you need to do is 

hang around the dish receptacle, and see what get’s dropped off.

Freshman 15 who? Next time you find yourself frustrated with the greasy and disgusting cafeteria pizza, remember this article, and think about how healthy that pizza would be without the cheese! It may be a tasteless and depressing life, but isn’t tasteless and depressing what college is all about?

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