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Bartender of the Week: Joe’s Brewery’s Camille

Name: Camille

Twitter Handle: @camillelizgay_

Bar: Joe’s Brewery

Relationship Status: Single, hey guys 😉

Major: English

Favorite Drink: Moscow Mule

Favorite Shot: Jägerbombs

Disgusting Drink: Guinness


How is the summer different at Joe’s?:

No one is there really, so it’s nice to just sit around as a staff without 1,000 annoying people hanging around in the beer garden.


What new drink should Joe’s debut next year? What’s in it?:

“The Camille”: Kinky Vodka mixed with sugar (sweet and naughty) and then add a ton of complaining and self-loathing.


What’ll be the hot jam of the summer?:

Probably just whatever bullshit noise they’re playing at Lion nowadays.



Would you rather have your junk sunburnt or the rest of your body sunburnt? Why?:

Do I have junk? I get sunburned no matter what though because I’m paper white (thanks Mom!), so I guess it would have to be my entire body.


What would you do if you were named Kevin?:

I would probably just embrace it. Who cares?


How often should a graduate come back to visit U of I? Why?

Ugh probably never but I’m a ~townie~, so you know I’ll be back on the reg.


What do an incoming freshman and an outgoing senior have in common?:

They’re both scared shitless of the new responsibilities that lay ahead of them.


How far would you go to have another year at U of I?:

I would do NOTHING. I’m so ready to leave.


What do you have to say to all the bartenders “graduating” to the big bar in the sky?:

Hopefully the bar in the sky has fewer freshmen and has cleaner bathrooms!


Why should people read The Black Sheep?:

Because I worked my ass off as editor of it all year and it’s HARD WORK. Appreciate the endless dick jokes we provide you, because I gave an arm and a leg for this content, you ungrateful bastards.


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