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Bartender of the Week: Joe’s Brewery’s Luke

Name: Luke Campbell

Bar: Joe’s Brewery

Relationship Status: Single n’ ready 2 mingle

Major: Behavioral neuroscience on the pre-med track

Favorite Drink: Bud Light Platinum

Favorite Shot: *Cringes at the thought of shots*

Disgusting Drink: Rumpleminze


What comment would Joe’s get on

I’ve never been on that website but I go on Dogspotting a lotand that would probably be something along the line of “cleanest bar with the best looking employees. Real heckin’ enjoyable. Overall 10/10 would booze again.”


How do you haze new employees at Joe’s?:

These hands don’t haze!!¡!


Where should a geed hide during Greek Reunion?:

I’m sure there are a lot of hiding places in FAR/PAR.


What’s the least frat thing you’ve ever done?:

DEFINITELY blowing glitter at Pi Phi Bid Day. No regrets though.


What should a first-time Greek Reunion-goer do to be Top Haus?:

Make the right choice in that tough call between an NBA Jersey or unbuttoned Hawaiian tee.


Where would you start the elephant walk in Joe’s?:

Gotta take advantage of that elephant-astic balcony (really sorry about that).


Would you rather be a bottom in a Top Haus, or a top in a Bottom Haus? Why?:

That’s like asking would I rather be feared or loved? Easy, both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. — Michael Scott


Why should people rush The Black Sheep?:

Because the next bartender of the week will hopefully be a lot more interesting than me!

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