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Bartender of the Week: Red Lion’s Morgan

Name: (Captain) Morgan Burshtan


Relationship Status: Spongebob on repeat

Major: Bartending w/ a minor in shot girling

Favorite Drink: Who’s askin’?

Favorite Shot: Jäger bombz

Disgusting Drink: Tequila sunrise…ya nasties.


What comment would Red Lion get on

“There’s no God at Lion.”


How do you haze new employees at Lion?:

Handshakes and hugs!


Where should a geed hide during Greek Reunion?:

Outside a 50 mile radius of this university.


What’s the most frat thing you’ve ever done?:

Dropping my pre-med courses.


What should a first-time Greek Reunion-goer do to be Top Haus?:

Wear an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt and drink heavily.


Where would you start the elephant walk in Lion?:

**Lion walk.  


Would you rather be a bottom in a Top Haus, or a top in a Bottom Haus? Why?:

I’m never on the bottom.


Why should people rush The Black Sheep?:

The Black Sheep top haus.

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