Bartender of the Week: The Underground’s Michael

author-pic at University of Illinois  

Name: Michael Sandoval

Twitter Handle: @mjsando2

Bar: The UG

Relationship Status: Single

Major: Marketing and management

Favorite Drink: “The Liam Millerick”

Favorite Shot: Southern Comfort

Disgusting Drink: Jäger Sprite

What would a mixed drink named after UG be made of?:

Whiskey Coke with a lot of Bols.

What shitty beer is secretly a snobby beer?:

Miller Lite

What snobby beer is secretly a shitty beer?:


When the nukes start dropping from the sky, what do you hope to be doing on U of I’s campus?:

Anything but navigating TRL Cocktagon.

What are you the OG of?:

The Panda-Insomnia-Papa D’s combo.

What’s the worst poop?:

Any poop without a Squatty Potty or ghost wipe.

What if, like, little goblin babies were pulling levers inside you to make you a person this whole time?:

I’d ask why they let me eat 3000+ calories of straight peanut butter in one sitting.

Why should people read The Black Sheep?:

It’s not FAKE NEWS.