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Bartender Of The Week: Vinny From Legends

Name: Vinny Lai
Instagram handle: N/A
Bar: Legends
Relationship status: Single
Major: Kinesiology
Favorite drink: White Russian
Favorite shot: Vegas Bomb
Disgusting drink: Malört

Why is getting hammered at Legends better than sneaking into a frat house?:
Because we don’t force people to choose between Natty Light or Burnett’s.

What lyrics from a rap song has resonated with you?:
“Had so many bottles, gave ugly girl a sip.”

Tell us about the nastiest bar battle you’ve ever seen:
Well we don’t have bar battles, but the nastiest thing I’ve seen was a dude going behind
the bar and throwing up in a garbage can.

Give a shoutout to one of your security guys:
Shoutout Jon Muñoz. He’s always looking hot.

What REALLY becomes of the lost IDs at Legends?
We sell them in a black market. They go for $200 a pop.

Tell us about a time you almost lost your patience with a drunk college idiot:
A guy asked for Bacardi. I asked what mixer. He repeats his order. I ask “Are you sure, just Bacardi?” He says yes. I give him Bacardi and ice. He looks at me as if I’m the dumb one and asks “Well, can I get coke with this?” Never have I ever wanted to strangle someone until that incident.

How sweaty do you get during any shift?:
I don’t get that sweaty, but I do get very hungry.

Why should people read The Black Sheep?:
Because knowledge is good for you.

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