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Daddy Of The Week: Anthony From Delta Chi

Name:  Anthony Haloulos
Twitter Handle:  ahaloulos
Major: Geography
Relationship Status: Single
Fraternity: Delta Chi
Boxers or briefs?: Boxers

What’s the dad-est clothing brand and why?:
Carhartt because if you don’t look like you just worked a 16-hour day, are you really a dad?

Why is Mom making you sleep on the couch tonight?:
Shotgunning Natty’s with the kids.

What’s the deepest secret you’re willing to share about yourself?:
Somebody touching the thermostat keeps me up at night, so I spend most nights balancing my checkbook.

Where DO babies come from?:
Super Bowl parties – have you not seen the commercials? 

How’s your relationship with your in-laws?:
A combination of Meet the Parents and Everybody Loves Ray.

Is there, like, a number of kids you’re going to stop at?:
Real dads don’t stop.

What advice do you have for your teenage son experiencing girl troubles?:
I’d give a lengthy story about back in the day that provides no advice.

Tell us a dad joke:
Cashier: Hi.
Me: I wish I was.

Why do you deserve to be Daddy of the Week?:
All those trips to old KAM’S had to pay off somehow.

Why should people read The Black Sheep?:
Black Sheep articles are more serious than current events.

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