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Drinking Game: The High School Party Role Playing Game

Summer is here, which means college students will be spending a lot more time around our parents than we’re used to. Catching up is great, and so is home cooking—but there comes a point when being at home begins to impede on our ability to indulge our alcohol habits. Those living under parents’ watchful eyes, fear no longer! We present you with a discrete drinking game that’s sure to remind you of the good old days: high school.


What You’ll Need:

– Clear spirits.

– Empty water bottles.

– A basement, the sketchier the better.

– A throwback playlist.

– Friends that won’t judge you for who you were in the past.



Number of Players:

However many you can manage without your lame parents getting suspicious.


Level of Intoxication:

Avoid talking to your parents at all costs, because you’re sure to slur.


How to Play:

– Fill empty water bottles with hard liquor. For added authenticity, have guests crush the bottles up and put them in their pockets or stick them in their pants.

– Regress emotionally and assume the role of your high school self.

– Throw on the killer throwback playlist. Dance awkwardly, if you’re feeling it.

– Hide the drinks when the host’s parents come down to check on you. Thank them enthusiastically for having you.

– Act so wasted. Naively talk about how you can’t wait for college.

– Welcome back to high school.


The Game Ends When:

Bodily fluids have been brought into equation—like when someone who had too much yaks all over the nice carpet, or cuts their finger trying to shotgun a beer they stole from your dad and sprays blood all over the walls. This game can be shut down at any time by parents. Or worse yet, COPS!

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