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Drinking Game: Slurred Syllabus

It may be time to start school again…but in the same breath, it’s always time to tackle a handle of whiskey on your own. Everyone and their mother knows you’re never going to read your syllabus until you need to prove your professor wrong, so we thought you could use some motivation. Saddle up for what’s left of Syllabus Week with us and take a whack at our syllabus challenge:


What You’ll Need: A copy of your syllabus (c’mon, you can find it!), and a handle of whiskey.



Number of Players: Just yourself, brother.


Level of Intoxication: Enough to turn Syllabus Week into Syllabus Month.


How to Play: This game is short, but it requires you to go all-in. You’ll need to read through your syllabus and take a stiff drink every time one of the following things happens. 



Drink When:

– One of your required texts cost more money than you make in a semester.

– You finally muster up the courage to buy a book for class and find out it’s the wrong edition.

– Your professor’s name has no vowels.

– You have to look up the building where your class is, fully knowing you’ll never see the inside anyway.

– You read about the university’s cheating policy and briefly consider morals before concluding: “Fuck it.”

– The professor requires you to attend every lecture and discussion section, despite how many Irish car-bombs you did with that fat homeless dude outside of the bar.

– You try to count how many assignments you have throughout the semester for each class when your eyes roll back into your head, and somehow you end up on YouTube watching replays from the VMAs and you’re back to square one.



*Drink in Celebration and You Win the Game If: You get lucky as SHIT and all of your midterms are “take-home tests.” THERE IS A GOD. 


The Game Ends When: You finally blossom into the true alcoholic you are and must drop out of the university to get some help.

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