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Fraternity Under Fire for Betting Pledge Lives on NCAA Tournament Bracket

This tournament season, members of UCLA’s Kappa Sigma have a new system of gambling for their NCAA Tournament bracket pool. They’ve wagered the lives of spring pledges as prizes in their pool, instead of the more traditional money.


“Those pledges are so ungrateful. We’re giving them the time of their lives by betting their lives and all they do it bitch,” Senior Tyler McClain commented when asked about the fraternity’s harassment allegations.



The pledges are currently being held in the basement of the Kappa Sigma house, waiting to either be released or terminated depending on the results of which active’s bracket was more accurate.


UCLA Chancellor Gene Block claims that “We’re doing all we can to stop these pledges’ lives from being betted on, but they’re just pledges after all. Who really gives a shit?”


From a pledge’s perspective, this  treatment “is breakin’ my fuckin’ balls,” commented pledge Matt Davis. “I don’t pay $5,000 a semester to be privately killed. I pay to be publically humiliated.”


While some groups are working tirelessly to stop this from happening, other fraternities are beginning to also bet the lives of their pledges on NCAA Tournament brackets.



WATCH: For some, spring break is about partying on the beach. For others, it’s about wallowing in despair:


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