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How UIUC Colleges do Netflix and Chill


A few weeks ago you learned about the trend sweeping the nation, Netflix and Chill, through a thorough piece on an hour summary of the very act. But, that article was quite narrow in scope, and may not apply to all the different kind of UIUC students. So The Black Sheep is here to help you find out how you should Netflix and Chill depending on the UIUC college you’re in.


College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES) – Corn and Chill:
Welcome to Champaign-Urbana: Home of Corn. And if you’re in the College of Agriculture, you spend a lot of time with corn. We’re just hoping that nobody gets chilling in the Morrow Plots, because that could go from Corn and Chill to Drop the Soap and Chill real fast.


College of Business – Finance and “Damn, You’re Fine Nancy”:
UIUC’s College of Business offers plenty of majors that help young entrepreneurs of the world achieve their goals, even if their only goal is letting people know they’re business majors. Some of those majors may be majoring in Finance, and we’re sure that if a finance major was with a girl named Nancy, then this would be how he Netflix and Chilled.


College of Fine and Applied Arts – Band and Bang:
If we learned anything from American Pie Presents: Band Camp (which is one of the 10 best movies about high school of all time, but that’s for a different article), it’s that band kids have all the fun (e.g. the titular line, “that one time at band camp”). So even though not all students of this college are bandies, these kids are going to band, and then they’re going to bang.


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences – Barack Obama and Chill:
Wait, just found out that’s not what they mean by liberal. But, Obama seems like a chill dude to watch Netflix with right?


College of Law – Litigate and Lust:
If you haven’t heard of Mike Thomas’ firing at this point, you need better Wi-Fi. But the bigger story here is that the internal investigation was conducted by Franczek Radelet, the law firm that wrote the 1,267 page report. Just think of the sexual tension, the lust that must’ve come out of those late nights in the cubicle writing about mistreatment of college athletes. Mmmmmm litigate and lust sounds nice.


College of Engineering – Bill Nye the Science Guy and Chill:
There used to be nothing better than sitting in a fifth grade science class and the teacher popped in a VHS of Bill Nye for the class to watch. Well, if the College of Engineering students were to ever leave the lab or Grainger and go hang out with somebody other than their laptop, we’re pretty sure that they’d watch Bill Nye and “chill.”


Division of General Studies – Netflix and Chill:
There’s no getting around it here. They’re actually just Netflix and Chilling; not like they have a major to go to.


So no matter what college you’re in here at UIUC, take advantage of these Netflix and Chill themes to really get to know people in your major. Engineers, we just recommend you get to know other people.


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