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Illini Graphic Design Major Fails Finals, Drops Out to Pursue Freelance Meme Career

After bombing every one of her finals this semester, junior graphic design major Alyssa York has realized her true calling: a freelance Internet meme creator. In the past week, she has dropped out of UIUC and is currently working on cultivating her meme brand.


“People always used to joke that being a graphic design major is really no different from creating internet memes, but now I see they had a point,” York reflected. “Why am I wasting my time learning to make shitty company logos when I could be spamming Facebook groups with homemade memes?”


York’s friends and even her mother, Martha York, have expressed resounding support for her decision. Those who know her best claim she has a natural talent for meme creation, which, in technical terms, refers to her ability to make something in Microsoft Paint in two minutes.



“When Alyssa was young, she would draw the same pictures over and over and paste them all around the neighborhood. If that doesn’t speak to meme-ing potential, I don’t know what does,” recalled Martha.


Alyssa York claims she doesn’t have any specific projects in mind, but would like to incorporate corn memes into her future work in order to pay homage to the university.


“I feel like corn memes are a staple of Illini culture, and I’ll never be able to truly separate myself from them,” Alyssa York said. “Although I’ve dropped out, all those pictures of the Morrow Plots and weird stock photos of corn have really left their mark on me.”

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