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ISU Students Take UIUC Summer School Classes To Know What It’s Like To Be Smart

Summer school at the University of Illinois is officially in swing and Illini stuck in Champaign for the summer will be joined by flocks of ISU students looking for an academic challenge and a change in scenery.


“Being an ISU student isn’t easy, we get made fun of a lot. I get it, all I needed was to write my name on the application to get into the college,” said ISU student Mark Carney. “But it was during my Intro to Arts and Crafts class that I realized there had to be an institution where I can be surrounded by the students who knew not to eat the entire box of crayons even though the colors looked like delicious candy.”


Carney ended up signing up for summer school classes at Illinois to feel something he has never felt in his life.



“I realized that if I take classes at UIUC, then I would finally know what it’s like to be smart,” said Carney. “Granted, I’m going to bomb these classes, like, these guys in ATMS120 and RHET105 are geniuses, but I’ll finally fill this void that I’ve had for my entire life.”


The University Registrar’s office has also acknowledged that there has been an increase of Illinois State University students attending summer classes. The Registrar office has their own reason for the cause of the increase in ISU student enrollment in summer courses. 


“We have seen a 25% increase in enrollment in the Intro to Psychology course from ISU students,” said UIUC Registrar spokesperson Robin Smith. “The office believes they are taking the course to find out what part of their brain convinces them to hop on a bus and keep coming to Joe’s Brewery every Monday night to ruin campus bar life. Basically, to find out what’s wrong with them.”


School officials say all ISU students will be gone by the first day of school for the fall semester.

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