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Leaky Ceiling in KAM’s Due to Transition to Tropical Theme Bar

KAM’s is known for two things: It’s Blue Guys, and an environment best described as an acquired taste. In response to students complaining about the leaky ceilings in KAM’s, KAM’s manager Eli Hoffman revealed that there’s a method to his madness:

“You thought the leaky ceiling was an accident?” laughed Hoffman. “Fuck Cly’s, dude. We’ve been planning on turning KAM’s into a Tiki Bar for a decade now. For the record, we’ve passed all of our protocol health inspections and we are up to par on everything. Just make sure you put that in there. Did you put it in there? Ok good.”

The leaky ceiling has always been a troubling aspect of KAM’s for its loyal patrons, but when it was revealed that the leaks were purposeful, attendance skyrocketed.

“It’s, like, so much fun,” Megan Mansfield from Gamma Omega exclaimed. “I actually get into it because I feel like I’m literally in a rainforest. This is the perfect time to bring out my floral print pants I’ve been saving!”

Megan and other KAM’s frequent flyers agree that the leaky ceiling is no more of an inconvenience than a pleasant drip on the head, and there has been talk about KAM’s possibly installing waterfalls as part of their new Tiki theme.

“Think about it, what other bar have you been to that gives you a rainy and outdoorsy feel? KAM’s feels like the vegetable section at Walmart! The kids love it, and it’s so unique to us,” Hoffman explained. “Now please give us your money and stop asking about it.”

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