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October Lovers Lobbying The University To Be More October-y

New research has found that the amount of people who signed up for October Lovers their freshman year just to buy the overpriced, yet iconic, sweater is growing exponentially. This year, in response to its popularity boost, the RSO is lobbying the university to become more inclusive for all of the autumn aficionados around campus.

“We’re trying to get a push for the school to add many different options for our October Lovers’ personal kinks,” reveals the RSO’s president, Jack Lantern. ‘We’re currently lobbying for a pumpkin spice studies minor and trying to put together workshops that help you get that perfect fall look by wearing the same Uggs and scarves combo over different outfits.”

However, not all students are excited about this change in direction from the RSO.

“Honestly, it’s, like, not that serious,” says Sarah Nitch, an October Lovers member who asked to remain anonymous. “They have plenty of events already, and people honestly only join so they can go to the barn dance. I don’t think this is a smart move. Also, can you withhold my name? I don’t want to cause any tension with my friends who actually care about October, thanks.”

Only time will tell whether or not these demands are met before the end of spooky szn. The RSO’s exec board is likely to abandon these efforts once November rolls around, just like every member of the organization.

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