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Recipe for Disaster: I Forgot How to Cook Stir-Fry

Welcome back to school! You’ve spent the past three months receiving home-cooked meals from mommy and daddy, but now it’s time to get a nice, fresh slap in the face from reality: It’s time to start cooking for yourself again. This is always a difficult transition for any college student, but we’re here to help with some homemade stir fry.




What We Used: 2 packages of ramen noodles, ½ lbs. of ground beef, 2 cups of rice, all the broccoli from a Hungry-Man TV Dinner.


Fatty Factor: Write your will now, who knows if you’ll make it out of this one alive.



Let’s Get Baked:

– Start by heating up your stove-top pan.

– Once you realized you forgot to defrost the meat, put a large cup of water in the microwave for two minutes and place the meat inside the cup to defrost within minutes. Problem solved.

– Take your half-cooked meat and flop it on your lukewarm pan. Let it simmer for about six minutes.

– MULTI-TASK: Cook your rice in the microwave (you can even use the same cup of water to save time) while your meat cooks on the stove.

– You’ll want to begin cooking your ramen noodles in a pot next to your pan. Let the noodles boil for about three minutes and then drain the water from the noodles.

– Using the same pot, put your broccoli from your Hungry-Man box in and boil until cooked to a desirable texture.

– By this point your meat should be done on the stove-top, place everything in a bowl and stir wildly with a large spoon.

– You’ll want to dump as much salt on this as possible. It will both protect you from any errors in cooking by masking the taste, as well as soaking up any extra water that may have not been fully drained.

– Before you eat, make sure there’s someone to supervise you while you consume your dinner. You may need someone there to call 9-1-1.



Without mom and dad around, things can get pretty tough. But with cooking tips like these, you’ll find it easy to fend for yourself without your parents guiding hand. Just remember: Cooking’s not difficult, it’s all about your perspective on the final product. 

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