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The Interview Part 2: Our Day With a Kim Jong-un Impersonator

The University of Illinois has a new Supreme Leader on campus, and we’re not talking about Phyllis Wise’s replacement. As many Illini have seen during the first month, a certain individual has been taking over campus bars, the Quad and even the Career Fair. After an article on TFM was published last week, The Black Sheep decided it was time to track down Dragon, a.k.a. Kim Jong-un (impersonator). Diego Manischewitz and KT met with him at the Business Career Fair last week, and this is our day with Kim:


We had a hard time tracking him at the career because of the all the suits, so we called him ten times to get a hold of him as the fate of the interview hung by the balance. Manischewitz sent him a text and got a response, however the response wasn’t what he was looking for:





This was an issue because neither KT nor Manischewitz speak or understand Korean. Finally, we got a hold of him and he was actually playing basketball in costume against some students. He greeted us with open arms and The Interview Part 2 began.




The Black Sheep: So, how did this whole Kim Jong-un thing start?


Kim Jong-un: I was a teacher in Korea and I had to plan a Halloween party for my students, so I’ve been teased before by Korean military members that I looked like him, so I  decided to dress up as him for Halloween. I ordered the costume from China and got the haircut. I walked around town that day and a ton of people wanted to take photos with me. The next day, there were a ton of news articles about me and I became kind of famous after that.


TBS: Wow, so you became a celebrity in Korea?


KJN: Yeah, I started getting calls for commercials, movies, and TV shows. If you go to my Facebook page there’s a ton of links to my commercials.


Editor’s Note: So we found his Facebook page and we found this hilarious video of him and Barack Obama impersonator singing a duet of “All By Myself” for a Korean tech store called Enuri. It’s awesome:



TBS: So, have you seen The Interview?


KJU: Yeah, I didn’t find it that funny. I thought I could of done a better job of being Kim Jong-un than the actor who played it.


TBS: Wow, that’s a bold statement Kim good for you. So you don’t like Katy Perry’s Firework?


KJU: I’m not familiar with American singers.


TBS: How old are you, Kim?


KJU: I’m 25 years old.


TBS: Whoa, you’re an adult, where are you living at?


KJU: Lundgren…but I’m not living with a freshman, that’d be weird. I have a single.


TBS: What are you studying and what are you doing at the Business Career Fair today?


KJU: International Business and I was hoping to talk to some marketing firms, however my job prospects are unlikely here because of the visa issues.


TBS: What bars do you like going to?


KJU: I think Red Lion is good, but the lines are too long. The workers there said I could skip the line, but I don’t want to do that because that’s unfair to everyone else. I usually go to Joe’s since there’s no wait.


Editor’s note: He also said he loves dancing, and that’s his favorite part of going to bars. When asked if he likes the Joe’s poles, he said he didn’t. But we think he would look a lot better up there than most of the other drunk losers.


TBS: Have you been getting attention from the ladies?


KJU: Yeah, but I don’t go to the bars to get girls. Girls ask for my number a lot but I say I don’t have a phone.


TBS: What?! You’re breaking hearts left and right, Kim!


KJU: Yeah I’m just here to have fun, it’s college.


TBS: So, do you mind taking all these photos all the time?


KJU: No, I don’t mind. I just don’t want people to bother me when I’m eating.


TBS: Anything else you want to say before we wrap up here?


KJU: The reason why I’m doing this is to not become famous or to get girls, but to make people happy. I’m graduating in December so I want to enjoy it while I’m here. Say hi to me when you see me on the streets


As we wrapped up our interview with the Supreme Leader, we took the obligatory photo with Kim Jong-un (real name Dragon Kim) and went our separate ways. Students were staring and mouths dropped as they saw him part the sea of students only with his mind and stoic demeanor, but little do they know that he is actually a pretty good guy, for being a dictator impersonator and everything. The Black Sheep wishes the best for the Supreme Leader as he wraps up the last few months here on campus, and we suggest hiring bodyguards so next time he’s at McDonald’s he can eat in peace.



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