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So, you’re interested in working for The Black Sheep? Is it the fact that we’re a student driven-media company that drew you to us, or did you like how we’re a fast-growing company with products at over 50 campuses? Do you like the challenge of working for a growing start-up, one that understands a college student’s life is busy, and works to accommodate their schedules? Well, then you should read the job descriptions below and then apply to the job that best suits your unique set of skills. While you do that we’ll go uncork a bottle of fine wine. Well, we’ll take the cardboard off the front of the box.

Chief Campus Editor

Position Description:
As Chief Campus Editor, you will oversee all aspects of content creation—idea generation, article construction, editing, and article marketing—of The Black Sheep on your campus. Ultimately, you are responsible for making sure you have the best staff in place to create and promote the best local, timely, relevant, funny content possible. In turn you will receive training and support from your corporate-level National Campus Editor. Must be an undergrad student.

• Gain experience 5-10 years before your peers with a young, growing media company that is dedicated to ensuring you succeed
• Develop and enhance your coaching, delegating, motivating, and creative skill sets
• Be a part of the core team responsible for launching, developing, and growingThe Black Sheep on your campus, an experience that cannot be matched through any other internship
• Advice and feedback on resumes, cover letters, and interview skills
• Be considered for a full time position immediately after graduation
• This is a paid position

Primary Responsibilities:
• Conduct regular meetings with the staff to brainstorm content ideas—print, visual, audio, or video-- pertaining to upcoming, relevant on-campus events
• Establish clear deadlines for when content needs to be submitted and when content will be posted
• Edit and post content in a timely manner to the best of your ability
• Establish means by which you and your staff can market finished articles though various social media outlets
• Oversee the creation of 3 to 4 print issues each semester
• Overseeing a local Social Media Manager tasked with the online dissemination of content pieces in a timely manner to relevant parties
• Moderate and actively participate in a private, business-oriented staff-only Facebook group
• Conduct local job interviews

Time Commitment:
5-7 hours a week.

Advertising Manager
Position Description:
This paid internship (commission-based) provides motivated, hard-working and socially active individuals the opportunity to learn core communication, marketing and sales strategies on an individual level while simultaneously working closely with the local The Black Sheep team to promote our print, mobile and online platforms.We also offer internship credit and the opportunity to grow within the company.

Please note that we require 15-20 hours/ week commitment for a Part Time summer internship and 40 hours/ week for Full Time.

Primary Responsibilities:
• Continually seek out and approach new potential advertisers around the campus area to help them to determine how to improve their brand awareness to the students
• Suggest advertising options based on the businesses’ needs and how they’re looking to advertise to the students
• Maintain existing business relationships to ensure that clients are overly satisfied with The Black Sheep -- answer any questions, address any concerns
• Help negotiate contracts and coordinate media placements
• Work with current clients on their marketing plans to ensure their message is correctly targeting the college market
• Help delegate and communicate ad designs, proofs and changes for each client to our internal creative team
• Work with our corporate management team for professional mentoring

What we're looking for:
• Currently enrolled as an undergraduate
• Excellent presentation, communication, and problem solving skills
• Ability to WORK HARD and be persistent
• Self-motivated and organized individuals
• Actively involved in campus organizations; socially active in general
• A good sense of humor and MUST love college
• Sales or marketing experience preferred
• Transportation preferred

Guerrilla Marketing Manager
Position Description:
As the Guerrilla Marketing Manager for The Black Sheep, you will oversee marketing and distribution efforts for both The Black Sheep and our partner clients. Ultimately you will build brand awareness for The Black Sheep and our clients through paid strategic marketing campaigns customized for your campus. These activities will include organized street team sessions, targeted distribution throughout the campus community, promotional events on campus, and other activities focused on dorms and Greek life.  

Primary Responsibilities: 
• Hire and manage a marketing team of 3-5 students under you to help ensure successful execution of all marketing activities for both The Black Sheep and our clients
• Organize and execute street teams, dorm storms, classroom/Greek announcements and other strategic marketing efforts for The Black Sheep and our clients
• Build and manage an efficient distribution plan to distribute 3-4 print issues ofThe Black Sheep per semester on and around your campus
• Attend staff meetings with your local team
• Provide weekly reports and feedback on each week’s marketing activities to the National Marketing Manager
• Continually seek out new distribution locations while also meeting with necessary people for access within academic buildings, dorms, etc.

• Gain experience 5-10 years before your peers with a young, growing media company that is dedicated to ensuring you succeed
• Work with national and local brands on strategic marketing campaigns customized for your campus
• Develop and enhance your coaching, delegating, motivating, and creative skill sets
• Be a part of the core team responsible for developing, and growing The Black Sheep on your campus, and experience that cannot be matched through any other internship
• Advice and feedback on resumes, cover letters, and interview skills
• Further develop needed skills through a custom focused internship during the school year or next summer
• Be considered for a full time position after graduation


Social Media Manager
Position Description:
Through Twitter and Snapchat the Social Media Manager will be asked to grow and maintain a strong, local student following on his or her campus, then use that audience to promote The Black Sheep to readers and fans through regular, humorous, original online interaction. This is an unpaid position, but Social Media Managers can gain class or internship credit. 

Time Commitment:
Social Media Managers can expect to spend about 3-4 hours a week scheduling tweets, following and unfollowing, keeping the account active, and attending weekly meetings. Additionally, Social Media Managers will be asked to produce Bi-monthly Snapchat stories to share with our audience.

Staff Writer
Position Description:
In short, student writers write entertaining, social, and above all humorous content for The Black Sheep across all platforms. Writers will be expected to contribute one article (approximately 500 words) each week. Beyond writing, writers are to attend content meetings held every week. This is an unpaid position. but Staff Writers can gain class or internship credit.

Time Commitment:
Writers should estimate spending 2-4 hours per week writing and attending the weekly meeting. These requirements will be higher if you are applying for internship credit to ensure you meet your school's requirements.

Online Marketer
Position Description:
It is important for The Black Sheep content to reach new audiences every week outside of the writers sharing their articles to their friend groups. Therefore, Online Marketers will post content from The Black Sheep either on their personal feeds or in other relevant Facebook groups. Online Marketers will be given sharing and growth marks, and upon doing an exceptional job —getting a lot of likes on posts, posting in multiple Facebook groups, bringing more followers to Twitter, etc —they will be sent a gift card from corporate.

Time Commitment:
Online Marketers should estimate spending about 2-3 hours per week posting articles.

University of Illinois Elects Notable Alum Hugh Hefner as New President

The impending retirement of President Robert Easter has forced the UIUC Board of Directors to search for a replacement, just in case someone notices. The search was ongoing for several months in order to find a suitable candidate, but finally the long-awaited announcement from the chairman was published on Monday, electing the university’s most notable alum, Hugh Hefner, as the new president. At the tender age of 88, Hefner is older than the current president, yet the board is convinced that he will be able to serve a lengthy term over the next few decades. 


“From the long list of famous alumni, the board debated day and night over the best applicant,” said the board’s chairman. “Mr. Hefner stood out to us as an accomplished entrepreneur who could really benefit the university.”


The students appear to be the most excited of all. “What’s the difference between president and chancellor?” asked one confused senior. “I’m surprised he wanted the job at his age, but then again, he has the endurance of a 26-year-old.” Hefner makes few visits to the university and the hope is that he will relocate the Playboy operations office to Champaign. A rumor started that the iconic bunny logo might become the official school mascot and the “Playmate of the Year” will replace the Chief at sporting events for R-rated half-time shows. No school officials were able to confirm or deny the rumor.


“Personally, I would’ve voted for Mr. James John, the guy who founded Jimmy John’s,” said one Champaign native. “The Hef will probably do a good job, though.”