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Drinking Game: Four-Loco

Fleeting sense of sanity? Check. Notoriously shitty booze? Check. You’re all set to play Four Loco, a drinking game designed for those who want to hang out right on the precipice of a six–day hangover. Not to mention the horrific fruity-smelling puke that’s sure to follow.


What You’ll Need: As much Four Loko* you can buy without the cashier laughing too hard,  multiple shot glasses (more than eight), a board game arrow spinner.


*At least two different flavors (four if you bad).


Number of Players: Four. Duh. (or how many people you can fit into your shitty campustown apartment.)


Level of Intoxication: “First Frat Party” level intoxicated. Maybe Natty Light was the culprit, then, but Four Loko is still sure to give you that freshman-year nostalgia.


How to Play:

-Set up the game spinner with eight shots of Four-Loko placed around it, making sure to have equal shots of each flavor.

-Players sit in a circle around the board. The first person to spin is the person who went through the trauma of buying tons of Four Loko at the liquor store.

-The first player guesses which flavor of Four Loko the spinner will land on and spins.

-If the player is correct, they take the shot and spin again. (Max. four spins per turn.)

-If the player guesses incorrectly, their turn is over. The next person clockwise from this player then takes their turn.

-Once the board is clear, set up more shots and repeat as long as all the players are still breathing. This time, the player who took the fewest shots goes first.


The Game Ends When: You think you’re starting to genuinely enjoy the last few drops of the sweet nectar we call Four Loko.


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