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2017 Iowa City Drunk Food Bracket: Round 1


Drunk food, the best and greasiest kind of food, has been talked about and fought over for years at the University of Iowa. So in the spirit of March Madness, we at The Black Sheep have created a bracket to try and determine the best drunk food in Iowa City.



1.) Pancheros:
Arguably the most popular place to go after a night of poisoning yourself, Pancheros features big burritos and even bigger lines. All around a solid choice.


4.) Forbidden Planet:
The mysterious hipster girl who everyone secretly has a crush on but nobody has the courage to go up to her. Forbidden Planet has fantastic deep dish pizza, as well as arcade games that you can drunkenly fail. Some call it heaven on earth.



2.) Zombie Burger: The new kid on the block. Every item on Zombie Burgers menu is a mixture of “Jesus Christ how many calories is this” to “Jesus Christ this is the best god damn milkshake I’ve ever had.”


3.) Buffalo Wild Wings:
Cheap, synthetic, and piping hot. No one is really sure if the wings here are made from real meat, but at the end of the day no one really cares.


1.) Mesa:
The perfect place for stoners and drunks. Almost everything on the menu looks like it was created by someone who knows how to party. Equally as popular as Pancheros.


4.) Falbos:
Many say it’s the best pizza in Iowa City, and at 1:30 am on a Friday night we’re pretty sure it’s the best pizza in the entire world.



2.) Pita Pit: 
The place most people go because they can’t justify eating a burrito three days in a row.


3.) Marcos Grilled Cheese:
The underdog. Marcos Grilled Cheese is host to some of the best food in Iowa City. Everyone loves shoving straight cheese into their bodies, and Marcos provides that cheese.           


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WATCH: We made Malort cupcakes. They are bad.


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