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The 2017 University of Iowa Drunk Food Bracket: Round 2


The results are in from the first round of the Iowa City food bracket and only four restaurants remain. The first round featured unsurprising blowouts, and shocking nail biters. Truly, this is the only event in March that matters.


1.) Panchero’s:
Panchero’s unsurprisingly destroyed Forbidden Planet Pizza by a staggering 134 points. The one seed remains unfazed, but how will it match up against its equal, Mesa?


3.) Buffalo Wild Wings:
Barely escaping the first round by only six votes, Buffalo Wild Wings will take on the queen of cheese in the second round. Can the synthetic chicken producer come out on top?


1.) Mesa:
Mesa came out on top of Falbos by a mere 14 votes. The restaurant remains the king of drunk pizza in Iowa City, but can it defeat everyone’s favorite drunk burrito?


3.) Marcos:
The undisputed champion of cheese defeated Pita Pit by 90 votes. Can they keep it up their stellar performance against BWW?



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