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6 Things You Won’t Miss About UIowa Over Winter Break


Although you may be dreading finals, you’re probably dreading being home for a month over break even more. What will you do without your friends, your freedom, or being able to drink underage in bars? The Black Sheep has prepared a list to make you feel slightly better about the long break ahead of you, to remind you of the things you won’t be missing:


6.) Sharing a Room in Burge with Your Naked, Sleeping Roommate:


Ah, the sun starts to peak through the horrible and non-existent window coverings in your classic double room in Burge Hall.  You sit up, stretch, look over and are FLASHED completely by your roommate who is naked from head to toe. Well, almost head to toe, he has socks on so it’s ok… not. Who wants to see that? No one. Sharing a room, in ‘dirty burge’, is something you surly aren’t going to miss.

5.) Hiking Up Hell Hill to Hillcrest Hall:

You had class all the way on the east side of the river today, and begin your long walk back.  Thinking about climbing up the ramp and THEN the hill makes you want to dive into the Iowa River and die, especially if it’s raining or snowing as this only adds to the agony. You say, “it’s a no from me, I’ll wait for a bus please.”

4.) Almost Getting Hit by Cars and Busses Walking on T. Anne Cleary Walkway:


Depends on the day, but maybe, just maybe, there’s a day you have that is partially good and you don’t particularly feel like getting hit by a car or a Cambus for once in your life! It’s the pedestrians right of way after all, you give the driver a dirty look, say a few choice words, and continue walking like the badass you are.

3.) Using the Community Bathrooms at Hillcrest:

Once you’re home, say no more to using community bathrooms. Taking shits in public, having to shower while someone is playing God awful throwback music while singing bad enough to make your ears bleed, and showering too late which means no more hot water. You may now enjoy using the bathroom again. 

2.) Eating Burge and Hillcrest Dining Hall Food:

Looking at the dining hall’s menu in advance is enough to make you lose your appetite, it’s always the same thing, and it’s never good. So say goodbye to dining hall food and hello to home-cooked meals and sweets around the holidays. You’ll finally remember what good food tastes like, and what it feels like to be full. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh.

1.) Your Wallet Feeling Empty Thanks To Downtown IC:

Being home means not going to the bars every Thursday through Saturday night. At first this may sadden you, but your wallet will definitely thank you. Your liver might too because it’ll finally catch a break from downing way too many long islands..yikes.  Also, you won’t have to pay for meals because your parents will, and cash will be raining left and right from all of those extended relatives you barely know. Oh how we love the holidays (and money).

Feeling any better, Hawkeyes? We sure are. So try to make the most of your winter break. See how long you can sit on your couch or lay in your bed, and try to set a new record every day! 

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