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Drinking Game: Shot Roulette

Have you always found the concept of Russian roulette exhilarating, but don’t want to lay life and limb on the line to enjoy the game? If so, we have devised a variant of the high-stakes game that is sure to get the adrenaline pumping. Fear not, the only danger here is the over-consumption of alcohol.


What You’ll Need:

A bottle of hard liquor. To up the ante, we suggest moonshine. Also, one of those six-chambered Nerf guns, with a single dart in the chamber.

Number of Players:

However many you want. But four would be ideal so you can get drunk faster.

Level of Intoxication:

You will be taking a metaphorical bullet to the brain. When you wake up tomorrow morning, you may feel like you were actually shot in the head.



How to Play:

The first player loads the dart into one of the chambers and spins it.

– He points it at his head, and takes a moment to contemplate life. Maybe says a prayer or makes a confession. Then pulls the trigger.

– If the dart is ejected into his temple, he must take a shot of whatever hard liquor is on hand. If it is not, he hands the gun to the next player, where the process is repeated until the dart is fired.

– For added amusement, speak in Russian accents.


The Game Ends When:

You find yourself too intoxicated to operate the children’s toy. Alternatively, end the game when you realize you’re a bunch of young adults sitting around and playing with a Nerf gun. The darts get lost pretty easily, so if you lose it you’re going to have to stop. If any player is feeling particularly ballsy and suggests using a real revolver instead of this kiddie shit, END THE GAME IMMEDIATLEY.


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