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Iowa City Buildings Renamed after Your Fav Harry Potter Characters


When trying to compare reading Harry Potter to any other activity, we at The Black Sheep report it’s most synonymous with smoking crack.  Whether you read the series when you were in 5th grade, or you’re binge reading the series now to avoid studying for finals, Harry Potter has something to offer for everyone, and that includes Iowa City. Here are some Iowa City buildings renamed after Harry Potter characters.

6.) Chemistry Building – Voldemort:


Intimidating, vile, the place where dreams go to die, and also greasy. All of these words plus any word synonymous with dastardly make up our definition of the University of Iowa’s Chemistry building Organic Chemistry. Nicknamed The Cruciatus Class, this building will make anyone who is weak of heart want to perform the Avada Kedavra curse on themselves. This place, and the classes that are held inside of it truly are despicable.


5.) The Old Capitol Building – Albus Dumbledore:


Albus Dumbledore; the person nearly everyone strives to be within the Wizarding World and outside of it. Old; rich with history, and filled with wisdom. Both Albus Dumbledore and the Old Capitol building share many similarities. Both are notorious and well known, and both stand vigilant over the places they guard: Hogwarts and Iowa City.


4.) Art Building West – Luna Lovegood:


Unique, creative, and a little bit insane. Art Building West would make the perfect Luna Lovegood. The Art Building, with its eccentric building design, and its unconventional creativity that is within, reminds us of Luna Lovegood. Her overflowing ingenuity, and her slightly mad way of showcasing that creativity, make her the perfect choice for the Art Building.


3.) Hillcrest Residence Hall – Draco Malfoy:


Just the fucking worst.


2.) University of Iowa Main library – Hermoine Granger:


Intelligent, determined, probably on a shit ton of wizard adderall. Hermoine Granger, much like the main library, is the outlet the characters turn to in times of need. Whether to scrape up some shred of information that would help them in their endeavors, or to ask for advice, the characters in Harry Potter, know she’s a bit of an insufferable know-it-all. Doesn’t matter though, they love her because of it. Just like the Main Library. You hate that you can’t get by without it’s help, but you love that it’s there when finals come around. C’mon, don’t lie to yourself bro.


 1.) Micky’s Bar – Fred and George Weasley:


These two know how to party, and so does Micky’s. Micky’s, much like Fred and George Weasley, is the fun, yet sort of classy bar that everyone loves. Charismatic, charming, and a tad ridiculous, Micky’s would make the perfect Fred and George.

Although we didn’t cover every character in Harry Potter (shout out to Harry and Ron), we still love you, we did honor many other characters within the book and the lovely buildings on the Iowa campus. And always remember, humor will always be given at The Black Sheep for those who ask for it, alongside a mug of butterbeer.


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