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Iowa Sophomore Changes Jogging Route to Burlington Street to Get More Attention


UI sophomore, Angela Fretters has changed her tri-weekly jogging routine to attract more attention. Fretters now runs up and down Burlington every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5 p.m., traffic’s busiest hour.

Iowa’s recent balmy temperatures have led to a sharp uptick of joggers, including Fretters. While she can normally can be found in the Rec on the third floor treadmill right up against the window, last week Fretters reasoned her decision to run down Burlington St. in the hopes that it would increase her visibility by at least twentyfold. 

“I’m constantly using the crosswalk between the Voxman music building and downtown,” UI freshman and Burlington St. pedestrian Josh Masterson commented. “There’s so much traffic. Even if I have the walk signal I almost get hit by a car pretty much every time. I definitely saw Angela though, she looks good!”

According to Fretters, however, the real beauty of Burlington is that as a jogger, she can let people know she works out without breaking a sweat.

“There’s a stoplight every 200 feet so I never have to worry about ruining my makeup or thinking someone might have missed how good my butt looks in these Nike leggings,” explained Fretters. “An added bonus: it gives guys a chance to yell flattering yet provocative statements at me from their pickup trucks.”

Fretters, a health sciences major, ultimately hopes to help other young women at Iowa “eat clean, get lean, and be SEEN” and to break 10k followers on her fitness Instagram.

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