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5 Places at JMU to Let the Tears Flow

Everyone needs a good cry now and then. However, when you want to cry, you got to do it right. You need to have the right time and place to let the waterworks loose. We’d never tell you when to cry, but we will tell you where. Here are five places on campus to have a good cry.


5.) Your Room:

Whether it’s, main campus or east campus, Hillside or Potomac, it’s your home, your casa, your sanctuary. Everything you could possibly need is in your dorm. Pillows? Natural sound suppressant. Video games? Instant therapy. Your snacks? Free comfort food. If you can’t let all your emotions out in here, then where can you?


4.) UREC:

Turn that frown into testosterone-filled rage as you pump that iron. Whether you’re outrunning your problems on UREC’s track, deflecting your issues on the racquetball court, or pushing your concerns away on the bench press, there is something for everyone. If you’re still upset after an hour, it means you aren’t working hard enough. Remember bro, if the bar isn’t bending, then you’re just pretending. 


3.)  Carrier Library:

Sometimes you just want to break down in public without everyone looking at you funny. Luckily, there is Carrier Library. In Carrier, you’ll appear to just be another student who has broken down from all the stress. In fact, it’s weird if there isn’t at least one student in Carrier sobbing and having a nervous breakdown. This number exponentially grows during midterm and finals week though, so better grab a spot quick!


2.) Wilson at Night:

Sometimes you need a nice secure place to get it all out of your system. Luckily, almost no one is at Wilson Hall at night. With no one around, you’ll have all the privacy you need. Just be careful, though. You never know who OR what you might hear… you might even get mistaken for wailing for a ghost. We don’t need another urban legend permeating throughout campus.


1.) Convocation Center:

Ok, here’s the deal, almost no one comes to the Convocation Center anymore. Quite frankly, your crying will help bring some noise and atmosphere to the usually dead-silent Convo. Don’t worry about sticking out either, nearly everyone is in a foul mood by the time the game is over.

Remember, no matter what has you down, it is always good to let it out. JMU students are extremely fortunate to have so many ample places where they can make themselves feel better. Maybe you won’t need this information right now, but hold onto it. After all, midterm exams are just right around the corner.

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