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Registration 101: JMU’s 4 Easiest and 4 Hardest Classes

Want to satisfy some of your requirements without actually putting that much work into it? Well, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. If you follow this list, then you’ll be swimming in A’s while still getting 8 hours of sleep. Don’t follow this list and you might as well start preparing for sleepless nights and several C- on your transcript.  


The Easiest:

4.) KIN 100:

With options like yoga, swimming, and weightlifting, all but the laziest of JMU students should find this class to be a breeze. Sure, you’ll need to actually move but, hey, that beats sitting in a classroom. Better than HTH 100, where you sit in a classroom AND log hours at UREC.

3.) PHIL 101:

What makes us human? Why are we here? Why do all BA’s require us to take this class even though we have already satisfied our Cluster Two requirements? Answer all these questions and more with Philosophy 101. If JMU is successful, then you will come out of this class more enlightened, dropping truth bombs about our meaningless existence.

2.) MUS 200:

Need to satisfy your Cluster Two gen-ed requirements, but you can’t act or draw for shit? Well good news, MUS 200 has you covered. Designed to increase your ability to listen to music, something one would think having ears would be enough to do, JMU students shouldn’t really have much trouble with this one.

1.) MSCI 100/101:

Want to get an A for 2, 2-credit courses whose only real requirement is that you show up? If so, then JMU Army ROTC has you covered. These classes are open to all underclassmen, including non-ROTC members. The best part? Free printing in the Cadet Computer Room!

The Hardest:

4.) ECON 487: Economic Consulting:

What’s harder than learning extremely complex topics and concepts? Simple, the teacher making you put those topics into use. Those who hope to be economic consultants one day will experience baptism by fire. Only the strong will survive this class. The rest will perish from all the stress and pressure. Good luck.

3.) PHYS 460: Quantum Mechanics:

Trying to understand molecules is hard, and trying to understand atoms is even harder. However, trying to understand quantum mechanics is like trying to find out why JMU decided to put two Dunkin’ Donuts right next to each other on main campus while completely neglected to put one on east campus: it’s simply impossible. However, if you somehow manage to get an A in this class, then your name is probably Neil deGrasse Tyson. It’s an honor to have you at JMU, sir or madam.

2.) POSC 397: Politics of International Economic Relations:

Do you struggle to remember historical facts? Too bad. Do economic terms and concepts give you problems? That’s an issue. Hate reading and writing highly technical papers? Just drop the class. There is something for everyone to hate in this class. Any hopes of getting an A in this class will quickly disappear after the first midterm. Consider yourself a political-science prodigy if you manage to get a B in this class.

1.) ARAB 429: Introduction to Qur’anic Arabic:

You know how hard it is to read Old English? Sure you can make out some words, but it might as well be another language. Well, now try learning Ye Old Arabic. One of the hardest languages to learn just got a whole lot harder. Prepare yourself because your chances of getting an A are as about as good as Al-Andalus’ chances were against the invading Berbers…

Ugh, that might have come off a tad dorky.


As registration of Spring starts today, remember this list. It just might save your GPA from a complete free-fall. Of course, if you’re one of those people who like a challenge, then, by all means, go for the more difficult classes. However, if you’re like the rest of us, just take the easiest damn electives possible.

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