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A Definitive Ranking of the Top 20 KU Basketball Camping Group Names


Basketball season is now in full-swing, and we’re getting hype. But if you want to get good seats, you’re going to have to put in the work. Camping for basketball games is a pain in the ass—literally. The floor in Allen Fieldhouse is cold and unforgiving, and we’re pretty sure it gave us hemorrhoids. But if there’s one thing that makes it all worth it, it’s hearing the camping group names read out loud, and yelling “here” in a public display of dominance. After sifting through a list of about a hundred camping groups, The Black Sheep carefully considered them all and compiled a list of the top twenty. In other words, we got really drunk and ranked the ones that made us laugh the most.

20.) Bitch, I’m Frank Mason:

It’s a little unoriginal, but we’ll let it slide because Frank Mason is low-key God.

19.) Mitch’s Bitches:

This just feels so good to say out loud.

18.) Mitch Betta Have My $$$:

Now Rihanna is stuck in our heads and we’re not complaining.

17.) Tucker In and Vang Her:

Clever, but you should probably Vang her before you Tucker in. This just sounds like a complicated mess.

16.) Jacks on Jacks off:

We like this ‘casue it gives us Karate Kid vibes, but it’s also a masturbation joke.

15.) Alcoholic Non-Anonymous League:

Hey, you’re not an alcoholic if you’re in college…. Right? 

14.) Mac ‘N Svis: 

Ugh, now all we can do is picture Svi covered in gooey melted cheese and it’s getting us hot and bothered.

13.) Yell ‘Here’ For Anal:


12.) My Vick is 6’5:

Big Vicks are desirable. And our Vick is YUGE. 

11.) Where There’s a Bill There’s a Way:

This is just a feel-good group name. And it’s true—as long as we have Bill, we have a Big 12 championship. #13Straight

10.) Childish Grahambino:

Because anything to do with Childish Gambino deserves to be in the top ten.

9.) Twerk that Azubuike:

We love how this group name just rolls of the tongue, like “snickerdoodle,” or “butternut.”

8.) Tyler Plays With HimSelf:

We call Bill Self daddy, praising the very ground he walks on, and we make Tyler Self the butt of every joke. Sorry Ty, we’re not stopping any time soon.

7.) Svi Sells Svishells by the Svishore:

This group name was definitely created to piss off the people who call roll because honestly, fuck those people. It’s 7 a.m., let us nap.

6.) Tyler Self’s MicroVick:

Again, sorry Tyler. But also we’re not sorry. This is funny.

5.) Bill’s Booty Calls:

We wouldn’t be surprised if Bill Self were actually in a Groupme with 30 college-aged women that he regularly booty-calls.

4.) Vicks Out for Harambe: 

Harambe jokes might be as dead as he is but something about this one just works.

3.) Tucker Right In The Pussy:

Tucker!? We hardly know her!

2.) Mom’s Svighetti:

Mom’s spaghetti: A+ meme. Mom’s Svighetti: A+ camping group name. Our knees are weak and our arms are heavy at this one.

1.) Udoka Azu-Bukkake:

Number one goes to Udoka Azu-Bukkake because bukkake is hilarious and we’re prepared to fight anyone who says otherwise.

Did your group make the list? If so, congrats. And if not, maybe you should have tried a little harder.


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