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How to Survive Bus 43 When it’s Crowded AF


Bus 43 is the one bus that hits all the dorms on Daisy Hill and GSP and more often than not, it’s filled with freshmen. Every stop near Wescoe always brings in a whole pool of competition to snag a seat. If you’re still adjusting to the bus system as a whole, this is how you should best tackle riding Bus 43:

Tip #1: Be toward the front of the stop:
Most people are gathered in a group around a bus stop. Be sure you’re right at the curb, almost to a point where a bike rider on Jayhawk Boulevard could hit you if they extend their elbow. If you got out of your class in Budig right as the bus was arriving, you might wanna create a distraction. Try yelling, “Is that Bill Self?” This should guarantee a good distraction, and you immediate entry.

Tip #2: Be as aggressive as possible:
The bus might say it’s full, but get ready to jump on and fight for your spot. Chances are someone will fall at one point on the bus, and that’s always an opportunity for you to snag their seat by the door. Or you can literally just push someone. That’s always an option too.

Tip #3: Just don’t shower:
Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do for that extra leg room, and it’s not like the community showers will make you that much cleaner anyway. Why not skip the routine altogether? The sweet stench of body odor will always guarantee you a spot on any bus, and no one will get in the way.

Tip #4: Use the opportunity to snag some free food:
If you had a really short lunch break in between classes and you’re hungry, bus 43 always has an array of options for free food. There are two ways you can go about this. 1.) You can be a bit of a thief and snag a crunchy chicken cheddar wrap out of someone’s backpack while they’re too busy being sandwiched between two sweaty dudes. Or 2.) find the guy in the back that you sort of know from one of your classes and complain about how hungry you are until he reluctantly offers you food.

Tip #5: Don’t be that person:
Every time a bus stops and a new group comes on, specifically if it stops by one of the residence halls, there’s always someone who will ask, “Is it okay if I sit here?” The seat is yours. Just cut the unnecessary dialogue and plop down. You only have a few seconds before someone else takes the seat or the bus starts moving and you crash into another person.

Bus 43 is always a hassle to get on when the school year is going on, but with enough craftiness you can high-tail it from the Union all the way up to Daisy Hill without any problems.

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