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Kansas Jayhawks as Classic Christmas Characters


Christmas time and basketball go together like eggnog and Jack Daniel’s, so it only makes sense that you may have noticed some parallels between this year’s Jayhawks team and some of the most beloved Christmas characters. If you haven’t, it’s either because you’re blind or just not in the holiday spirit. Worry not, as we’ve gone to the trouble of breaking it down for you!

Bill Self: Santa Claus:

The giver of all great things during the holiday season. Legend has it, if we’re really really good, we’ll get a 13th straight Big 12 Championship in our stocking! 

Josh Jackson: Jesus:

“For the God of Basketball so loved the Jayhawks, He sent His only son Josh Jackson to Lawrence, so that they might win a ton of games and make a deep run in the tournament.” Naismith 12:25

Frank Mason: Rudolph:

Mason and Rudolph’s stories have a lot in common. They were both initially shunned for their physical deficiencies, but once Santa/Bill saw their true worth, they were tasked with leading an elite squad to victory.

Landen Lucas: Elf on the Shelf:

Like an Elf on the Shelf, Landen has been doing a lot of sitting and watching. But instead of tattling on kids to Santa when he gets up Landen just fouls, misses layups, and screams at referees.

Udoka Azubuike: Buddy The Elf:

When you see how much energy Doke has on the court during games, it’s easy to compare him to the hyperactive, Christmas caroling savior of Christmas and spaghetti.

Carlton Bragg: Jack Skellington:

Jack Skellington invented lanky. But Carlton Bragg came to Kansas and perfected it. Carlton also happens to share an unlikely talent for music.

Dwight Coleby: Tiny Tim:

Everybody loves a comeback story, and that’s exactly what Dwight and Tiny Tim bring to the table. Plus, they have more in common than their respective leg injuries. Just as Tiny Tim is seen starving on the streets in “A Christmas Carol,” Dwight finds himself struggling to get his in a fighting Jayhawks frontcourt that somehow has too many mouths to feed.

Tyler Self: The Little Drummer Boy:

If Josh Jackson is the savior baby Jesus, then Tyler’s role in this holiday season is obvious. The whole point of the Drummer Boy is he doesn’t bring much to the table, and that pretty much sums up Tyler’s role. But just like “Little Drummer Boy” is one of the most beloved Christmas tunes, Tyler is sure to go down as a Jayhawk legend in his own right.

As the Christmas and basketball seasons continue on, there’s sure to be no shortage of joy and cheers here in LFK. From all of us at The Black Sheep, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Final Four year.

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