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The Legend of the Boom Boom Room Couple

Halloween is lurking around the corner, and what better time to rehash the scariest hookup story of them all than the spooky season? That’s right folks, this tragedy took place right in our very own beloved Boom Boom Room back in 2012.

Google at your own discretion (this means don’t look it up in class):
Trust us. You’ll want to be alone for this, or at least somewhere peaceful enough so no one can hear the audible gasp leave your mouth upon Googling “boom boom room couple”. You won’t be the same after viewing these images.

You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words:
Let’s just take a minute to really analyze this. First of all, since when can you go to The Hawk shirtless? Pretty sure that’s not allowed, even if it’s Halloween. Also, were the employees just standing idly by and letting this all go down or did Romeo and Juliet get kicked out eventually? So many questions that we will never know the answer to. We love a good mystery.

Where are they now?:
It’s safe to venture that things didn’t work out between these two. What’s really backwards about all of this is that the guy has a parody account literally called “Boom Boom Room Guy” which is surprisingly active, but seems to be run by a troll. He was also interviewed by a radio station, meanwhile the girl has presumably taken a new identity and moved far, far away. Don’t get it confused, this is classic slut-shaming and misogyny at work. Anyway.

In conclusion, please make good decisions:
Something about Halloween encourages us to embrace our wild side, which can be good and bad because hey, you’re wearing a costume and get to take on a new persona for a night. It doesn’t really matter how you dress as long as it’s not offensive, but please, for the love of God, just don’t have sex in the Boom Boom Room. Not on Halloween, not ever. RIP Hawk couple–the true trailblazers that set the standard for what’s unacceptable in even the Boom Boom Room.

SIDENOTE: Need a Halloween costume? Look no further:

Stand out from the Playboy Bunnies and Hugh Hefner’s of the world this Halloween season and wow the crowd with an original and *bonus* KU-themed couples costume.

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