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10 Courses You Wish You Could Schedule at UK


Students are always looking for new and exciting classes to take at UK. Because we’ve got priority registration going on right now, we’ve compiled a list of classes we want to see offered at UK ASAP.


10.) UK101 – Intro to UK:
Okay, we know that this class already exists, but we think it should be altered just a bit. We think the class should be about where you should go to eat on Friday night and where to find the best parties. Help the freshman out instead of wasting their time.

9.) KHP 447 – Upper Level Basketball:
The best TA’s in the country for this class – our basketball team. Any returning player could sign up to be a TA for this class and every student on campus would sign up to get dunked on by a future NBA player. Hopefully we could have Bam Adebayo be a TA next year.


8.) GWS 114 or FA 114 – Sorority Appreciation:
A class that focuses on which sororities have the best-looking girls in them. You’re required to give presentations on each sorority including best looking girl and rank them all while not looking super creepy.


7.) ANA 269 – Sex Positions:
We would’ve made this class a 100-level course, but then WAY too many freshman guys would’ve taken it. We are trying to make this class as an incentive to stay in school. Also, this is a 50-minute class not 50 second.


6.) ENG 100 – Your vs. You’re:
You would think that by the time you get to college you wouldn’t have to JUST NOW learn the difference between “your” and “you’re.” “their” and “there,” and “no” and “know”, but there are a lot of students here that probably should have gone to Louisville. Hopefully this class could get it in people’s heads.


5.) INT 196 – Local Beer:
Lexington is home to some great breweries, bars and restaurants. Where should you go get trashed on your 21st birthday? Pies and Pints for dinner and 2 Keys after? The class will really help you get prepared for the real world.


4.) ITA 101 – Lexington Pizzaology:
The roots of the Italian course: pizza. History might be kind of important. Same with the language. But we all know there is only one thing in Italy more important than Mario and that’s pizza. What’s the best pizza in Lexington? Mad Mush? Blaze? Pazzos? Take the course to find out.


3.) PCE 420 – High Level Peace Studies:
Hey man, what is this class about again? A class that takes regular field trips to sQecial Media. You’re allowed to order Insomnia cookies to class. You also get a day off near the end of April.


2.) STA 777 – Gambling at Keeneland:
This high-level class is for people who are seriously willing to become addicted to gambling and/or people who like to get drunk. During April and October class will be canceled on Fridays. This class will guarantee you get home with more money in your pocket than you came with.


1.) FSC 101 – Best Places You Can Use Plus:
There are so many places that you can use plus to get food that freshman would never know about. This class would be only a one-credit class, but it would be one of the most helpful classes offered at UK. It would set you up for the rest of your time in college.



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